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A Little More Imperfect, A Little More Better

By Karthika Rajan

I feel a little old today

A little more imperfect

I'm no longer the girl with secret diaries or flower crowns

Rather I’m unpaid bills and pyjamas

Buttons undone and to-do lists

A piece of art that makes people uncomfortable

In a world, that states you've missed time with age

I would like to believe that a second and third chance exist

Just like seasons do

I would like to believe that what I'm today may not be what I might be tomorrow.

I want to learn and grow and grow and learn

I would like to believe that my love for dance today can turn into a fatigue tomorrow

And tragedies I thought shall happen only to others

Shall make their mark in my own soft skin

I would like to believe I stand a chance for a smile from the opposite shore

With someone I kissed once

And glee at the fact

Though we burnt bridges

We survived, each other's knives

I would like to believe there shall still be bigger flops and achier heartaches

To let go of grudges

And save the space for the love I have within.

For it is in, fixing something broken, that you learn what it was made of

For it is in this, life shall not spare us from the suffering that rears wisdom

But spare us the wisdom itself

When the sufferings leaves

And if it doesn't save none

I would like to write and talk about

How it would have been a little bit better

If I had dared to be a little more imperfect.

By Karthika Rajan

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