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A Little Adventure

By Rashi Kadam

As I sit back and look at my life, it feels like I haven’t lived at all. I have always done what has been expected from me. I was a good daughter, a good student, a good employee, an obedient wife, a loving mother and an ideal daughter-in-law. I do not for once think I have lived for myself. God I wish I had done something for myself. So when I got the opportunity to do something about it I jumped at it.

For a very long time I had lost all interest in my life. I was like a robot, I guess. Living just for the sake of others. I was supposed to travel with my family on a cruise. This was a long awaited trip that all of them was looking forward to. By some weird conspiring done by the stars it so happened that I was to leave early and my family would join me a few days later.

So we were supposed to going on a cruise in Europe. Our cruise was going to take us to Amalfi, Positano and Sorrento. I was to reach Amalfi first and stay there for a day and a half and them be joined by my family.

So I set out for my lone journey for I think the first time in my life and the only time. I took a flight taking me to Naples, where I wanted to stay a day atleast but the decision was made. I was to next take a ferry to Amalfi which I must tell you I almost missed. But , Oh when I reached there and the journey itself was amazing and breathtaking. The time was mine only, just me. I took several pictures on the way. When I reached Amalfi, I took a taxi ride to our hotel which was very near to the coast. The view was gorgeous through my window. I quickly freshened myself up and despite being a bit tired I rushed to explore the place. I requested the reception people to help me out. They were so forthcoming and helping. They also offered me a guide but I insisted on going alone. They provided me with important numbers so that I can contact them.

So now, me armed with my camera, purse n a hat, I went out to wander and explore the place. It was so cozy and picturesque, anybody would want to settle there. This made me rethink my life choices. As I was off to a local café, I noticed a man following me. Immediately my alarm went off and I got scared. I wanted to shake this feeling off but I knew I couldn’t ignore it. I quickly took a detour, not knowing which turn I took or which restaurant I entered but I finally got that stranger off my back. I sighed in relief, but my relief was short lived. I realized I didn’t know which way I had gone. I wanted to suddenly cry and just run into my husband’s arms and cry. Then I stopped myself. I felt like an idiot as to why I would think this way. I am a grown up woman who lost her way. I can easily call the hotel reception and ask for help or ask some locals to help me. This gave me strength and confidence. I quickly called the hotel and told them my dilemma. They provided me immediate assistance and helped me out. I reached my hotel and decided to take a soak, call my family and sleep the day off. And that’s what I did. I dozed off to dreamland and next thing I knew my alarm went off. I was so not in the mood to wake up, but just then my two devils jumped in my bed and woke me up from my dream.

Yes ladies and gentlemen, I was having a “Dream”. Can you imagine, such beautiful memory being just a dream! But , alas it is what it is. And here I end my adventure, dear readers, as I have to wake up and get ready for the day. Also, I love my life but it does make me want to escape once in awhile. I’ll update you all if I really get to take that trip. Until then.

By Rashi Kadam

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