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A Letterhalf To Betterhalf

By Deeksha Kohli

You brought immense happiness,

When You came into my life

You made me complete

When I became your wife.

I was a princess, you made me queen

The pure love in your eyes was always seen

Always you cared for me

Never it was I, it was WE

In this relation you initiated a new trend

More than husband wife we were girl friend and boy friend

Your little efforts took my heart

You painted the canvas of my art

Then entered 2 bundle of joys

Our house was now full of toys

We relived the childhood again

Holding hands and no complain

Now we are parents but still the same

I still feel shy when someone takes your name

Your smile makes my day

You are the destination of my way

You are my Sun and I am your ray

Together life is Happy in every way

Our happiness is a daily treat

We as a companion makes us complete

By Deeksha Kohli

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