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A Letter To Someone Out There

By Calvin Clarke

Sometimes, you feel lost. Broken and confused. You feel like you are alone. You feel the walls closing in, and life starts to crumble around you. You’re scared, and there’s no one to turn to. You want to tell someone but... No one understands. You can’t take it, you can’t handle it. You just want to break down. You just want to rage, to scream, to just let it all out. And sometimes, it just feels so frustrating and overwhelming. And...That’s ok.

It’s alright to not be alright. It just means that you’re human. Being vulnerable, being emotional. That’s what it means to be human. Sometimes it’s alright to take some time for yourself, to just lie in bed, wake up a little later. It’s ok to say no. To not go out. To not want to meet anyone. To just be alone, at peace. By yourself. It’s fine. It’s all fine. There’s nothing wrong with just needing some space.

Things might seem difficult right now. It might seem dark. But it will get better. Because only in darkness, can you actually see light and the stars. You will heal, you will get better. And one day everything will make sense. Everything will be alright. One day your story will be someone else’s survival guide. It will fix someone’s broken pieces and put them back together again.

So relax... Take it slow. You only have one life. Live it your way. Take a chance, Have that extra ice cream, sleep that extra hour, take that trip, dance to your favourite song like on one’s watching, Take that job, Talk to that friend, walk in the rain, Tell your parents you love them, Do the things you always wanted to do, Do the things that scare you! Because you only get one chance. There are no second rounds. Be brave! Be strong! Believe in yourself. You have so much power! More than you know. Go out there and stand tall! Stand Proud! Be proud of how far you’ve come. Be yourself! Just be you. Because at the end of the day only you can understand you. And that’s a beautiful thing. So embrace it. And watch yourself become the amazing person that you and I know you are and can


By Calvin Clarke

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