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A Letter

By Jignasa Parikh

A short trip to the town with his mother

Where she introduced him to a post office amongst others

A souvenir of stamps was bought delightedly

And preserved in his drawer so excitedly

His father asked him who would he write a letter to

Which would determine if he would need one stamp or two

He gave this important decision a deep ponder

And the thought of his uncle in Another city made his heart grow fonder

A pencil, an eraser, a white sheet of paper and a little eager body

With few crayons and a wriggle was ready to embody

Random thoughts that were oh so important to him

Were lovingly scribbled on the paper with a certain whim.

The great letter writing adventure to his beloved uncle finally comes to an end

And sticking the stamp on the envelope seemed like the intend

Pride and joy overflow from him as he holds the brown sleeve

A deep satisfaction sits on his face and he is ready to leave

With socks on his little feet, a jacket and a cap

He is all set to brave the winter wind dressed like gift wrap

With a swing in his step and a song in his mouth

He sets off with Daddy to find a post box about

The red box is found and treated as human

A hug and a thank you is given as a token

As he drops the letter in the box and waits for few minutes for something to happen, tugging his sweater

Today was the day he had posted his first letter.

By Jignasa Parikh

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