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A Journey Of Acceptance

By C Rachita

Stepped out of home

wrapped in a delightful garment

felt covered in confidence

“look at your glorious eyes!”

someone said passing by

and my face flashed a glowing radiance.

Walking through the streets

the known faces smiling at me

and how beautifully were they enunciating

words of warmth and adoration for me.

“Look at that bright face!”

a voice said, smiling fondly

soaking up all the affection,

I walked back home happily.

Stepped inside

as I removed my coveralls

a sense of all the credence falling down, creeped up

looking at the mirror

with every scar coming to light again

the smile faded away piece by piece

with every mark that uncovered

the courage to look in that mirror diminished.

The scared, the insecure mind came back to life

the eyes could not meet the ones

standing right in front

I hated the departure of that glow

the face of the chirpy little soul

being replaced by a face so blunt.

My visage wasn’t perfect

the discomposure of body here and there

were gigantic flaws in my head

“Cover up with a capacious cloth,

go hide behind them.” my mind said.

Every day was a fight, the same old fight

but also something I desperately wanted to win

emitting hate had been for too long

holding onto it for any longer felt like a sin.

All those words of admiration

for once I wanted them to be my own

the desire seemed so lustrous and agleam

yet the journey to that, dark and unknown.

Weakly, I looked back up

still engulfed with self-doubt

managed to look into the eyes

staring at me upfront, wanting me to shout.

Should fear and angst even be allowed

to eat up my entire being? I pondered

How beautiful was that person,

who came in here, smiling. I wondered.

And so I knew that everyday

a little battle I had to fight,

so when the mirror would reflect my glowing shine

how magnificent would be that sight!

By C Rachita

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