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A Jigsaw Puzzle

By Jignasa Parikh

Life at a lot of times can seem like a jigsaw puzzle with infinite pieces

And the big picture of what it should look like is in the fragments of your imagination

You try to begin first by sorting the same kinds in one pile

Compartmentalising the task at hand sure looks like the way to go

You eventually do start putting a section together

And it makes you feel like you have arrived

For now a section will make the others fall in place automatically

But the design of the jigsaw’s destiny has other plans

Your tired eyes cannot distinguish one colour from the other

All the compartments you made merge or overlap one another

Finding a common thread seems almost impossible as the pieces don’t look like they belong to this puzzle

But an uncommon thread does lead you to the the completion of another part of the puzzle

A picture now starts taking some life and breathes an outline

You feel like you know where you are going.

But fine lines of exhaustion pays you a visit

And the pieces find themselves covered in a blanket of dust

Bidding adieu to the warm embrace of exhaust, you blow on the pieces like hope blows on magical star dust

Once again you find your senses aligned with your body

To complete this journey of magnificence

While at work, you are amazed and at awe

To witness your bravery that is so raw

A genius master plan finally takes hold of you like cosmos

And you dare to flow through enthusiastically

In the infinity pool of pieces to put together

Persistence and quest takes you to your higher power

Radiance and vibrancy fills up your face as you reach the finishing line

And a “wow” comes out as a breath from you, to see the perfection of your fragments come true.

Life at times does seem like a giant jigsaw puzzle.

By Jignasa Parikh

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