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A Human Being

By Gulzabin Ara

We born, we learn, relearn, do mistakes, experience, we understand! A human is a mess in itself still brings the courage to overpower, become reckless at times, still manages to Survive. There are many beautiful sides of us. There are ‘us' who are confused, scared, overthink, overestimate and sometimes let the things happen, doesn't even bother what is happening around us...

Five year back, I met a child on the crossroad. He was pale faced, dark brown eyes, his ears were round and small, a wavy hair, and was wearing a green cardigan. His face a little concerned looking here and there. I asked, ‘what are you searching my dear’! He said ‘a place where my friend could stay comfortably and we could hang around’. I asked, where is your friend?’, he said, Here!

I saw, he was talking about the seeds... He said they will help us to grow. When I will be 15year old boy, they will be as strong as me. We can be lifelong friends. They will never leave me, we will be together, that's why I want them to grow comfortably.

I was speechless, my eyes shined and my brain was gathering, these new information as valuable as my mother's lessons when I was also growing up!

There are many things that this little conversation made my ears to send message to my brain to work, and enlighten me more. I sat and was gathering what that little conversation was all about that made me perplexed. A flow of information that human mind gathers and wash off in their busy life. It stuck in my brain, the voice, the talk, the child and those seeds.

Firstly, ‘a Child’s Curiosity and Giving your All to find a place’. A curiosity makes a human to learn more and gather more knowledge, the brain works as it's the last day of your life and you have many things to do, so it's not going to stop from searching and learning, not so soon. A curiosity, is a gifted magic stone to us, whenever we rub, it shines. It shines more and more and not lose its gleam.

The second thing that made me awe the child was, his love for a seed and treat those seeds as his lifelong friend. Frankly, how many of us are kind to nature, where we replace our greed to and for everyone's existence in this world. We all know nature and humans exist like co-workers on the planet called Earth, we cannot survive, if not, mobile and complementary like Twins. Nature is like a human being’s siblings, we grow together and live together. if Harmony has to find a path, like a thin air that flows everywhere without a set direction, it spread everywhere then.

Child's searching of a comfortable place shows how much humanity can bring into our plates. Humanity that only a human can feel, express and show. Humanity we can feel when a heart is touched by someone's generosity, which makes one helping hand to help others and when we receive help, we also are perplexed and determine to give in other forms. It brings a set of more tangible and intangible assets to create. It is like you sowed only one seed but after years it grew as a giant tree offering you bunch of oranges to eat, and to share with others too.

The next, and the most comfortable affection a human can feel and it remind us of Who We Are. A child with his peach like face and apple like cheeks made me Awe. A child’s concern for seed and his determination of growing together made me realise that we all belong to each other, a sense of belongingness, a home where we go back to feel Peace.

A human which we forgot that we are, a human who is humble and heart of not Gold but of a Flower. A Flower that can also wither away, but when spreads it's fragrance, the whole garden knows it belongs to us.

A human being is an incredible creation that has hands to serve both the humans and the nature. We still have the chance in this always Changing World to become a better version of Us.

By Gulzabin Ara

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