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A Hole In The Ozone Layer....Of Our Brain

By Ayush Muley

"100 years ago everyone owned a horse and only the rich had cars. Today everyone has cars and only the rich own horses". When we read a quote like this do we try to understand what does it really have to say ?or we just make a slight effort to swipe our finger over the mobile screen or just use a button to skip it and jump to the next one . Does the line written above signify something? does it talk about an important aspect in our life or its just a matter of time passing by and making changes in the universe.. there are many questions like these which make us lost somewhere while we are busy in our most important task of the day....I came across them too , which brings me to the journey I would like to share and discuss with you.

When we talk about goals what do we think? In layman’s terms we refer it as an Aim, aspiration, or any other word in the dictionary which is related to achieving something in our life, right? So did I some time ago and any normal person would think the same. But the question is will it stand the test of time? What will happen if we achieve that goal very early in life as we don’t know where life will take us, we can take one step and be a billionaire in the next 24 hours, Can’t we? We always see and hear about people who made big in their life but what do they do different? What do they have in them? There were multiple waves of thoughts hitting my brain like a tsunami for which I was not prepared at all because the only thing that was fitted inside my brain was what I want in my life after some years , all the material things, but after the whole imagination one thing stopped ? how I'm going to achieve that , because I don’t know what I want to do with my life, what I love and what keeps me going. I had to figure it out and figure it out as soon as possible.

The journey started from a very early age, in school days my life was never based on one location, changing cities every 2 to 3 years was a normal thing and those who go through this can understand how life is, just getting a little comfortable in the surroundings and the next year you are somewhere else. Which eventually had an impact on my mind also over time. Life for me was a set of jumbled letters but I didn’t knew how to make a meaningful word out of it. School life passed by came college life, by the way it’s a whole different story which will need its own sweet time to be conveyed.

Then came the final day of judgment....yes, I'm placed!! Now what? The goal I set in the 4 years of college is achieved, I have a job in hand and I will earn money now but something deep inside me was not satisfied...why I don’t know. The very same question we discussed above hit me again.....will it stand the test of time? Will it be equally relevant as time goes by? It was high time for me now, I had to figure out what I'm from inside, what I’m about, what my soul enjoys doing. Which made me to do a shift from things like social media to reading books which I hated the most in my early days. Basically, it was a shift back in time. What I hated the most gave me the right path, guided me all the way. See, I’m not against social media but I consider it as modernization which is helping us move forward quickly but at the same time is responsible for the development of a hole in the ozone layer of our brain. The thoughts act like sun which drive us every day but negative thoughts are like its UV rays which can cause us severe harm …..and at last books are the green alternatives that can save us from those rays repairing the hole in that layer.

My mom always suggested me that in any situation, more than looking up to the people who are above you in life in terms of anything let it be wealth ,fame ,or anything always try to look down to the people who are struggling to get where you are today , because gratitude is the thing which keeps you on ground. But till now I was chasing something I never saw , never knew how it felt , an abstract thought of getting successful but not knowing what does it really mean . Books gave me the power and courage to look inside myself and feel and accept the things which I was running away from till now. I never imagined that I will be able to write a single paragraph with my mind roaming around here and there but reading kept me at one place preventing my thoughts from scattering around , healing the so called ozone layer of my brain .

At last, I'll like to leave you with a question...we all love our motherland, we sing songs of it we bow down to it with our head touching the ground. But, when any chunk of the food we eat fall on the ground we don’t pick it up and eat it ...why? Isn't it also a part of the hole in the layer?

Give it a thought!!

By Ayush Muley

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