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A heart of gratefulness creates a mind of peacefulness

By Vidhi Sangoi

The earthy smell of the mud when it rains,

The adrenaline rush you feel when you hop onto a roller coaster,

The smile that pops onto your face when you see an ice cream stall,

The way your heart warms up when you see small kids playing,

The happiness that you feel when you help someone in need,

The comfort that you feel when you finally listen to your favorite song,

The relaxation that you feel after taking a hot shower,

The love that you feel when you engulf someone you care about in a warm hug,

The peace that you feel when you finally complete that series or submit your work right before a deadline,

Life is not just about what you accomplish or how successful you become,

Perhaps it is about how you perceive the little moments that you experience in your day to day life,

But mainly it is about developing a standpoint that reflects gratitude when you receive the simplest pleasures of life,

Because a soul that has the liveliness to express gratefulness,

Is a soul that has the power to attract prosperity despite the obstacles.

For a heart that appreciates,

Creates a peaceful mindset that never depreciates.

By Vidhi Sangoi

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