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A Dreamy Girl's Dream

By Vaishno Devi Vijayakumar

(Aren't we the Romeo and Juliet

dancing on the moon..

Don't the stars' jealousy

add extra beauty to our love..)

(Looking into your eyes deeper and deeper

and wish "won't your hands fall on mine

hold it tighter till we leave this world)

(Let this universe sleep..

And our sights feel the

Beauty of our love)

(A silent love at night)

Sadly, The Dreamy girl's dream

Disappears in the day.

Note: This poem is all about the love of a dreamy girl who is none other than the poet myself. Her love, in this

poem, is compared to the dream that comes at night and disappears in the daytime. The first two stanzas are all

about her imagination and the last stanza is about her self-realization in the daytime.

Thank you!!

By Vaishno Devi Vijayakumar

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