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A Dream House

By Umme Abeeha W Karajagi

A man dreamed to have a beautiful house. He came to find a house and suddenly his eyes went on a big beautiful house. He realized that this house is the same which he dreamed about, as such, he went to meet the owner of the house and he saw a friendly face there.

The owner welcomed him with a great smile and offered juice. The man said “thank you for the treat; I came here because I want to buy your house as soon as possible. The owner explained about the house and the man asked its price, for which the owner said 6 million rupees. The man was in little shock and asked “for such a big and beautiful house, how come it be 6 million rupees”. Accordingly, man offered 9 million rupees.

The owner said “it is better”. The man said “But, the house is of 10 million”. The owner smiled gently and said “yes, you are right; its cost is 10 million”. The man asked “what is the reason you are selling it in 6 million”. The owner replied “I have some compulsion”. The man said “ok, but I will give you 10 million for this house.” The owner asked “When you can get the house for 6 million, why you want to buy it for 10 million.” The man smiled gently and said “I had come to buy a house not take use of your compulsion.” He further said “you are selling it for 6 million for your compulsion, but actual amount is 10 million for the house”.

The owner was thankful to the man and was happy about it.

The moral of the story :

Never ever take advantage of anyone’s compulsion to fulfil your dreams.

By Umme Abeeha W Karajagi

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