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A Dollar Show In Crypto

By Ayan Antuley

The human history had many ways as transaction to get their daily need

and luxuries which has changed from centuries to centuries. They are

as follow;

Barter system- 9000 BC

Non-decaying metals (gold, shells) – 5000 BC

Metal currency (stamped to know the worth)-600 BC

Paper currency-1200+ AD


Plastic cards-1950

Internet banking-1990’s

Crypto currency-2010+

Now getting to the market capital of various industries,

Real Estate 325+ trillion dollars

Global debt-300 trillion dollars

Global debt-300 trillion dollars

Global equities-110 trillion dollars

S&P 500-36 trillion dollars

Gold 11 trillion dollars

Apple -2.50 trillion dollars

Google 1.25 trillion dollars

Crypto currency-1.04 trillion dollars

In 2013 crypto currency market cap was 1.5 billion dollars to now 1.04

trillion dollars which is approximately 700% growth. For more depth

let's take an example of the king of crypto that is Bitcoin. 10000

Bitcoins in 2010 was accepted by Papa john's worth $41 which makes 1

bitcoin worth $0.0041. So from $0.0041= Rs 0.34 to now in 2022 the

price $20,670 = Rs 170000 which is an increase of crores of percent.

Taking etherum example in 2015 it was $1 at that time and now it is

$1600 with an all time high of $4800 which is an increase of crores of


Shiba Inu token which was released in 2021 at a price of

$0.0000002671 to high as $0.00007959 which is again a growth of


Polygon in January 2021 priced at $0.03392 has reached its all time high

to $2.92. If invested just $100 in January 2021 the price would have

been $6000 by the end of 2021.

Now in 2022 people might be thinking that they have the lost the

chance to get financially settled but that is not so. Every week/day a

new coin, token gets released and try to compete in the market, if done

proper research anyone could just invest $1-$1000 to have a good

returns when the bull market return.

Countries such as USA, Canada, Germany, Japan, United Kingdom, UAE,

Australia, and many more have already approved trade in crypto


Tesla and Google have also started supporting some cryptos.

Now for 2022-2023 a token Flasko is priced at $0.065 and a 40% bonus

in the presale market. When the token gets released no one knows

what it could lead to. Investment is subject to market risk hence plan at

your own way.

By Ayan Antuley

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