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A Dimensional Dream

By Ayana Samridhi Sahoo

Who knew that I would find a gateway to a whole new dimension, that too in the most unexpected place, MY OWN ROOM.! Well, I forgot to introduce myself, I am Dash (short for Disha). My family just shifted to our new house in Shimla. It’s super cold but very beautiful here. Even our house is in a very peaceful and quiet place and I’ve already started making friends. I’ve got amazing teachers, but since I am new, I do have trouble getting along, but rest everything’s fine. But yesterday, I saw a faint light coming out of from my new pencil pouch, which was weird. “Why is there a ghost in my pencil pouch?” because I thought there was, until I started investigating myself.

When I opened my pouch, it was all golden and swirly on the inside. There was a little golden watch in it. “I don’t remember putting a watch inside!” So with growing curiosity, I grabbed the watch and then suddenly, I got sucked into my pouch and then I reappeared back in my room, at least that’s what I thought so, until I reached my bed . “IMPOSTOR!” I screamed at the other girl, who looked just like me! The girl suddenly woke up and seemed very excited.

She grabbed my hand and said, “What is your dimension like?” “Dimension! Where am I?” “In this world, there are many possibilities, so for every possibility, there is a totally different consequence. Henceforth, for every possibility, there is an entire dimension for it. Do you understand?” “Yes.” “Well, since it is bed time, you better get back to your dimension” Since I had been waiting for the other me to say that, I hurriedly asked “How do I go back?” “Just say the magic word ‘Time to go home’, ok. Bye- Bye until next time.” And then I came back home. I kept my mouth shut about this incident, so that nobody would make fun of me. I didn’t go back either cause I was too scared. But today, I gathered up my courage, and went back. The moment I reached, the other me flooded me with questions. It took me all evening to answer them all.

But then suddenly, everything started fading, even the other me couldn’t understand what was going on. Then suddenly, a person appeared and said, “It is time for you to go back home.” And then, and then, and then I don’t remember what had happened. “Dash, wake up! Why were you shouting right now? Did you have a bad dream? “Oops! Guess it was all a dream. But I still think it wasn’t, I suppose it might happen in the future.

By Ayana Samridhi Sahoo

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