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A Desert Rose

By Snehaa S

In wintery November

venereal poison ivy

met a Martian desert rose

ruled as she was

by a blood moon and

a pale weak sun

she was drawn

Inexplicably and inexorably

to his warmth

She loved him

Thorns and all

and he loved her too

Alas, she was poison ivy

however she tried to

leach her cells of the

Poison, she found it

a formidable enemy

eighteen years worth

couldn’t be drained

in six months

but in her selfishness

She leached his strength too

She didnt see how

He withstood his own

monsters within and without

She couldn't see beyond

The padded cell of her

own peculiar making

She repaid his sunshine

with nothing but darkness

then finally a true sun

Rose over her horizons

tinting the black clouds

with silver linings

However, when she looked around her

really for the first time

She saw the damage was done

She had envisoned oases

all of their own

without realizing She

was poisoning the water

with her stagnant roots

She had ruined everything

And for the first time

She couldnt blame

The twin orbs

in her sunset sky

All she knew was that

She didnt want a world

Without her alien

Yet so familiar desert rose

By Snehaa S

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