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A day without friction

By Yashvi Mahanot

A day without friction

Is nothing but confusion,

It occurred for the first time today

How am I supposed to eat, walk or play?

I got out of my bed,

Apparently, it was skidding

And guess what! I was too

As if I was ice skating.

I decided to go downstairs

And get something to eat

That was clearly a dumb idea

I got bruises on my hands and feet!

Then I skid my way to the bathroom

To take a shower and brush my teeth

I fell to the ground with a very loud THUD

Everything was so slippery!

This is how it went on

Till the late evening

With a bump on my head and bruises on my feet

And then I got thinking

Oh! How foolish of me

All of this is most probably a dream,

I pinched myself as hard as I can,

But it didn’t seem to work

my extraordinary plan.

By Yashvi Mahanot

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