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A Dawn of New Beginning

By Puja Chandrashekhar Satpute

In a typical Indian family, a lady of house has to play different types of roles. From being a wife to being a mother, from being her children’s mentor to being her husband’s best friend, she has to tackle all the problems with patience and perserverance.

It was 6’0 clock in the morning...

The sun was about to rise making the red light scattering in the atmosphere and lightning up the earth’s surface. Before ringing of the alarm, as usual she got up and took a deep breath in. Turning to the other side, she saw her husband in a deep sleep. Pulling the blanket neatly on him, she entered her children’s room. It was holiday for them and they were having a sound sleep. With a smile, she carressed her children. They were her source of happiness.

After freshing up, she started doing her day to day chores, more faster than a machine...for this she must get a place a guinness book of world record but unfortunately it do not have such criteria...

Today there was lot of things on her plate. After having breakfast and giving necessary instructions to her husband, she went to the supermarket. The list was big and seeing the rush there, she sighed! But there was no other option. When she was about to pick shopping basket, she was dragged to the side. She opened her mouth to shout and was surprised to see her college best friend, whom she had not met for years. In a moment her BP came down and they tightly hugged each other, as if they were lost in Kumbh mela and found each other now...

They went to a nearby Coffee shop for a chit chat. Their conversation went back to those good old days and lasted for an hour. Her best friend use to admire her in college as she was the perfect girl. From her personality to her dressing style everyone use to follow on her footsteps. Reliving the memories and promising to meet each other again, they bid goodbye.


Entering the house, accidently she saw her face in the pocket mirror lying on side table and started studying it. A series of images from her youth started flashing in front of her. In college she had won the beauty contest for 3 consecutive years. Thinking about that, she could not believe her current looks.

In a moment, she decided to kick start her life again and fulfill all the dreams which were buried for the sake of the family. The dawn of a new beginning brought confidence, emitting her beauty back on her face.

By Puja Chandrashekhar Satpute

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