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A Cosy Spot In My Room

By Bandaru Vaathsalya Sree

In the year when the tiny fingers of mine were exhausted to count my age I was introduced to a new but tiny world. It was my own, my room. I laid my bed beside which a large shelf was installed to satisfy my thirst for books. Just beside the shelf was a tiny window looking out at the big world.

The first time I saw it I knew that this tiny window had something with me. A mysterious connection which made me spend most of my day staring out through it. My dad installed a cosy seat so I could sit on it looking out as long as I desired. The window showed less of the outside world. The scenery had no much significance but it looked new to my eyes every time I saw it. All that I could see through the window was a building of almost ten floors welcomed by two Gulmohar trees. Throughout the year the trees remained green but in monsoon they were red with their flowers.

Every day after school, I sat on the window seat and kept gazing at the setting sun, the blooming red flowers, the birds flying in the orange sky. Later after dinner, the sky would be completely dark that the only source of light was the moon and the twinkling stars. I would bend and peep my head out breathing the cool breeze, taking in every pleasant second of my life in the fullest measure. It refreshed me with my day's stress and filled me with myself.

The spot became my best friend. The friend who consoled me from my sorrow, the whom I never had till m high school. We read books together, personified our thoughts and shared with each other. We were inseparable. There was not a day in my life when I did not spend time with my best friend. Even on the hottest days and coldest nights, I sat there reading or listening to music, but we were together. The one who gives up everything for you and expects nothing from you is a true friend but we were those kind of friends who gave up nothing for each other and spent every possible moment together.

Such kind of friend is a cosy spot. I feel I was a lucky one to have one.

By Bandaru Vaathsalya Sree

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