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A Century For The Country

By T Rahul Ramesh

The century we were waiting for has finally been breached. In a land which waited patiently for Sachin Tendulkar to hit his 100th international ton, this is another ton which the citizens of the nation waited eagerly for. In a land of over 130 crores, vaccinating over 100 crores with the Covid-19 vaccine was considered to be a herculean task, as it involved educating the people and making them aware about the importance of vaccination and also clearing their doubts and fears of it. To do this within such a short span of time is commendable.

This Landmark is far more significant considering the festive season which is round the corner and the effects it could have on the vast population. The vaccination program has ensured that we can celebrate our festivals with our loved ones. The fear which gripped the nation last year has paved way to a joyous atmosphere. The celebration of the festivals have not only brought the economy back on track but it has also helped people reignite the bond with their loved ones which had taken a hit due to the lockdown and the virus.

There is still a section in the society which is susceptible to the virus which enhances the importance of the ton we have breached. We must thank our frontline workers who have worked overtime and given their cent percent for the betterment of our physical as well as mental being. They have also ensured that we are able to travel around without having to worry much. Now it is our moral responsibility to not let down the guard at least for the sake of these people who have worked tirelessly to ensure that we are able to thwart the virus and come out of the pandemic unscathed.

By T Rahul Ramesh

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