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A Break

By Vithur Shanthan

Two wonderful men of my life are at war with each other, both of them claim to have an undisputed right over deciding my future. My father- inherited relationship and my partner-the chosen one; a never ending altercation between these two ultimately expecting me to pick a side. My mother’s opinion was always to conform to my father’s- her voice adds to the chorus of my father’s. The society has raised her to be a perfect wife and her voice represents their thoughts. She shaped her as an idealistic individual to sustain in the society – survival of the fittest.

“A modern independent woman”- a description of myself in the society, I am expected to weigh the repercussions of my actions, to be culpable over any adverse outcome of my decisions and be an ideal person for the previous and the next generation- a paradoxical situation.

My career, a matter of discussion for both and again my father assumes that I am more rigid due to my professional stature while my boy friend banks on it to tilt the balance in his favour. My father has been inspirational for I being at this position, every promotion has lifted his status in the society. His eyes were always full of pride to see me seated here. Yet, it’s time for him to please the society. He expects a favour to be returned for going out of the way.

My partner, he has given me the freedom to work, I am glad that he is entitled to have the privilege of offering my liberty. A modern man, celebrates my success, every step I took forwards in these four years, he never failed to send an appreciation letter. Covid has made situation more simplified, his father has agreed to our relationship, now I can look for more career advancement, take up challenging positions. All this because of covid and the work from home culture, which essentially not going to stop me from being a full-time daughter-in-law, a wife, possibly a mother and ofcourse the Executive Director of this organisation.

Now, I am wondering, how my application of leave for wedding would look like to both my father and my partner as I sign both their suspension letters for non-compliance and counter-productive behaviour. Would my men be proud of not being employed as I take a hiatus for my wedding? As I look through the glass, I see both of them are occupied with their tasks.

By Vithur Shanthan

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