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By Soundarya

“Love is a hurricane trapped inside a chrysalis”


“What is love?” Amongst the crowd, a person questioned. Albeit only one questioned? No! Every individual at some point asks the same to themselves or sometimes to the people passing by, or might even to the nature. Jake, himself who is quite familiar yet still puzzled by this emotion called ‘love’ tend to roam his thoughts along with his eyes towards his surroundings or simply staring into the vast sky embedded with soft fluffy clouds and the twinkling dots seeking for his missing answers.

Some say “Love is life and happiness” while few others contradict this very sentence with “Love is a beautiful pain.” People from the moment they step into this world up until the very end of their lives, question about emotions and the depths of those. But there is not a single answer. It is just like sand; Slipping from your grasp every now and then.

To Jake, love is as sweet as candy or frosting on a cake yet more as freshly grown vegetables and fruits in a farmer’s field. Love is vivid than scenery or a rainbow yet more as a flower blooming across the seasons. Love is as innocent as a smile on an infant’s face yet more like the serenity, a mother’s eyes hold. Love is a steady flow of the river and calm like the ocean yet highly forgiving and wiser than ever.

Love speaks and hears the language of heart with deep attachment to one’s soul. In love we find our ‘Eternal home’ yet our own ‘Paradise’. It provides you wings to fly high in the sky, a sense of actual freedom; yet joyfully and willingly returning when one heart calls for the other’s presence whilst craving other’s touch.

Retrospectively, love- this single word has destroyed the lives of many because of the stereotypical thoughts, our ancestors imprinted in our selfish and immature minds; that when you finally find the person made for you with whom you are bounded for the rest of the life, problems, difficulties, worries cease to exist. Now this utterly hilarious as this is reality not a fantasy game or fairy tale-tell, in which everything ends well and good. But we humans are delusional beings who quite a few times could not distinguish nor properly differentiate between many things in oh-so many situations.

Just like a rainbow emerges from the droplets of rain combined with sunrays; love makes way through someone’s soul emerging out as a passion in things we do or which sparks our curiosity. Love, it is how we offer ourselves to others, it is how we find truth and purpose, it is the energy driving us human being.

Well then, now imagine if you are deprived of the emotions called love, happiness, freedom, affection in your whole life... you will do anything, go up to any extent just to gain that missing emotion to feel alive; in return making the person themselves toxic, to their own self and even to others.

In conclusion, love was, is and always be an unclear emotion with endless hypothesis given by many.

By Soundarya

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