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By Sana Aimen T.A

The first whiff, you gasp and cry,

you try to learn and learn to try,

you crawl and stand, you walk and fall in the myriad twists that make you tall. From a beast on all fours to a man on toes, the walk of life is a puzzle of woes.

The thrills and spills that keep you alive the quirks and qualms that hold you in awe, the whims of youth to the whimpers of old age. Oh my God! Life is a mirage!

Verily! The Life is a mirage

of an undeciphered trail.

It smiles for a while

with gloom in a veil,

beckoning with a cheerful smile,

it embraces you for a moment of bliss, and then you hear the gruesome hiss of sorrow and pain in a ruthless mix. But, be not you shattered

though you are battered.

Look at the mighty sky,

majestic and towering high,

surpassing every height,

sustaining all its weight,

Bountiful and duty-bound,

Does it ever fall to the ground?

By Sana Aimen T.A

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