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By Keerthana Rajkumar

Hope is something which motivates us

Hope is blind

When you know you won’t get them still your heart waits for them with this silly hope;

Though the poor knows it is not easy to proceed their survival they still go with this hope;

A potter knows his pot won’t be sold daily but still he moulds pot with this hope;

A farmer knows heavy rain would destroy his crops but he does not stop cultivating because of this hope ;

A footwear sticher knows he won’t get footwears to be stiched daily but still he waits in the shop with his needle with this hope;

A sailor knows that he may sail into the sea but still he does not stop himself from getting into the ship because of his hope;

Weavers know that the dresses may not be sold everyday but they still don’t stop weaving because of this hope;

A dog knows that the person crossing may not feed them but still they bark with the hope;

A ambulance driver knows that the patient in the ambulance is serious but still he drives fast to save their life with the hope;

A doctor knows that the cancer patient may not survive but still they give hope;

Though the blind can’t see they don’t restrict themselves from being in one place they still travel with the hope;

Though the teacher knows a student who has no interest over studies can study with focus but they teach them with this hope;

A biker may not predict when his brake may fail but still he drives with the hope;

Hope is filled everywhere

Hope is to be given and it should also be acquired by all

Without having hope i couldn’t have written this piece of work!

By Keerthana Rajkumar

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