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By Sonika Malloth

You run and skid and fall and crawl

Round and round this silly small world

Wobbly legs valiantly bypass the shaken cries

Pushing past the wind against terrorized eyes

Swollen knee aches with drops trickling down stitched lips

Broken spine throws the heavy load to the cracked ribs

While the blister aches and the priest preaches

Profound screech sends in visceral jolts as it approaches

Darker than my shadow, deeper than my soul

The robes settle silently staring at the shivering fool

Boxed me questions as all my four eyes open wide

How long can you run? How long can you hide?

I crack the glass with one last blow

And watch the ghost of my past go

Leaving behind loneliness engulfed in robes

Darker than my shadow, deeper than my soul

The black needle pierces through the walls of my heart

Followed by pervasive rough silver penetrate every part

I bleed patiently long enough to heal

long enough to again feel, long enough to again kneel.

By Sonika Malloth

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