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Updated: Nov 7

By Anjana Dilipan

A rumble, a roll, a roar

She’s making her presence known

I hear you but, no she’s not finished

She has more to say

Pay heed, she has more to say

You dare question her arrival lest she should consume you

She is greater than you, and I

She is life. She is death.

She feeds us. She starves us.

She cradles us. She tears us apart.

She is greater than you and I

A deafening clasp, a dancing flash

No, she’s not finished, for you don’t let her

You test her temper and tempt her fury

Pay heed, and you will feel her wrath

Pay heed, and you will feel her warmth

Pay heed child for she is Mother.

By Anjana Dilipan

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