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By Niyati Mehta

The only thing that conquers logic is fear. And the only thing that conquers fear, is love.

I feel as though sentiment and emotion are best expressed in the wee hours of the night. In the soft dimness of the moon. When the guards are down, the eyelids are heavy, the tongue is lose and silences are shared. It’s easier to be more honest when the darkness becomes an automatic shield. It makes one less afraid to be oneself.

Logic on the other hand, is what gets us through the harsh light of the day. It becomes a mask, a facade behind which everything remains hidden. It’s very effective, albeit flawed. It protects from revealing too much, and saying too little.

And fear, fear is the line which separates the two. Fear is like the light coming on in a dark room. Where emotion and logic run wild, fighting in that one moment, for victory. Because the mind knows that it must protect the heart at all costs, and the heart insists it needs no protection.

So the next time, you see a switch, pull on it with all you’ve got. Switch off the lights and lay bare your feelings. Because hiding yourself in plain sight, is something you’re good at, but not something that’ll set you free. And the darkness you’re so afraid of, you’ll notice, as it engulfs you, that it’s what you’ve been waiting for the entire time.

By Niyati Mehta

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