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By Kenlumzailie Michui

I gravitate towards the word 'fair' very constantly, almost as consistently as I do towards the word 'unfair'. There's this popular phrase —"the world is not fair" or something along the lines— which I feel has very good reason to be a cliche. The thing is sometimes things happen to you without you ever doing anything even slightly attached to triggering something that brutal and heartbreaking. Of course I am aware that not everything has a reason, like how the things we do sometimes just don't have an explanation for it. I am also conscious that sometimes the things that happen to us are not our fault, that it just happens to us. But wouldn’t that mean all our acts in life, be it good or bad,conscious or unconscious have no meaning? Of course life doesn’t just forget that right?

Because we sure feel the bad deeds of our past running up to us every now and then, haunting and taunting us, with nothing, not even a single weapon, but that one advantage they have on us - guilt. The very existence of 'fair' itself implies that there is the existence of 'unfairness', like how most English words have an antonym. So am I free to assume that if life is indeed fair then it is also definitely unfair? Or do I conclude that life is neither and that life is just there? Or if everything I said is invalid then can I ask who if not us makes things happen? I bet this being is either entirely fair or entirely unfair and it's definitely not human because for a person to be just one is not only unrealistic but absurd.

If nothing I said is to do with fairness and unfairness or for that matter life, then I guess it would be fair to call me nonsensical.

By Kenlumzailie Michui

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