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By Sonika Malloth

I fell right from the blue sky

just a drop, just a drop am I?

like a baby's smile, pure and clear

I fell right into the speeding river

Rolling and twirling and running along

come in sync, come in sync with the song!

holy mother nature will be your guide

they said: be brave and just slide

The more I fit-in, the merrier it got

deep within, deep within I was lost.

I sang along in the ghostly procession

of dead souls eager to reach the ocean

Through the turns guided and protected

I will reach, I will reach undoubted

I heard that the serene sea awaits me

fact or prejudice, I felt no glee

I quietly followed the flock of sheep

then I heard, then I heard me weep

close your eyes to let your heart see

is this your life? is this your destiny?

With every rain, drops come in more and more

with a hope, with a hope to explore

with every summer, leaving the sea at noon

they bid farewell, hoping to come back soon

Caught in the cycle of life - wheel of time

higher again, higher again they climb

regretting broken promises, crying out aloud

heavy with grief they condense into a cloud

The know-it-all sorcerer holding my fate

today I will, today I will turn my slate

into the pool of safe journeys in vain

I will not end waiting to start over again

Every rock hitting me under your guidance

I face it, I face it with defiance

They will never destroy and make me scream

instead help detach myself from main stream

Trade winds beyond the veil of reality

invited me, invited me with ecstasy

called a lonely wanderer the blessed soul

freed to choose his jaunt and his goal

I will condense heavy and calm

just a drop, just a drop I am

with an answer for, 'what did I do?'

with an answer for, 'where did I go?'

By Sonika Malloth

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