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By Neha Katakwar

"Hey, how are you? Are you okay?"-

A text popped up on my screen. It was my old friend.

"Yeah yeah, I am all good! Why are you asking like this?"- I somehow knew that this recent suicide case has made people some sort of mental health expert.

"Nothing, just keeping a check on you! By the way, its good to see your new friends, but its not great to leave behind your old friends." The text said.

I smiled a little. It really amazed me that a person who hasn't been in touch with me for past 5years is suddenly trying to pop up in my life just like her msg! It took me 10 seconds or so to think what should I reply! But before I could type a message, there was a notification!

"I gotta go! Bye, Text me or call me if you need me!"

See, I was always told that to live in this world peacefully, we have to pretend a little to fit in perfectly.

"Yeah yeah, its fine! Thank you for your concern! Will catchup soon! Bye!"-

This is the kind of reply world appreciates! But you can't expect a girl who consider "not expressing true feelings as suffocation", to write fake.

"I am not going to sugarcoat my words. Its just that I don't want to get back in touch with old friends, with you. I don't consider coming and going out of someone's life as per one's convenience as 'friendship'. I am done! Bye!"

Look, I know that it always feels good to get a message from the ones with whom we have made memories. But always remind yourself all the reasons, why you chose to walk away! Some people aren't coming back because they want you. But because they can't accept the fact that you can be happy even without them. They will go and seek sympathy from hundreds of people out their about how you left them. But won't ever tell people what they have done to such an extent that a person is left with no other option than to leave them in the past.

All I want to say is, there are 'also' people out there who wants to see you happy, but not without them by your side; To see you win, only when you are not their competition and to help you out only when you are capable of doing the same!

Remember that people who were close to you knows your emotional breakpoint. They will knock your door often. And I am not saying that don't open the door for them.

Open it, listen what they are saying! But if you think that their actions won't match their sayings, don't hesitate to slam the goddamn door and shut it in their face!

By Neha Katakwar

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