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Updated: Sep 21, 2022

By Aswiga M

When the clock started spinning to the contrary,

When the rainbow in a trice terminated in front of optic,

When we fought with our cloned senses,

When majestic mountains exchanged their bases,

When water bodies occupied land,

Was born humanity.

Can anyone repudiate?

When we say It still exists.

Can anyone contradict?

The fact that it's magic.

The one who nurtured it within him its contrary,

In his journey, has retracted himself.

In this Birthplace of peace and harmony,

Why bloodshed?


Stanza 1:

“When the clock started spinning to the contrary”

Clock spinning on the other side talks about situations which went contrary to what we expected.

“When the rainbow in a trice terminated before the optic”

Rainbow here symbolizes pleasant and happy times of our lives. The sudden ending of a rainbow will begin the rule of gloom and unpleasantness.

In a trice - all of a sudden

Optic - eyes

“When we fought with our cloned senses”

Cloned senses talks about humans who all share the same sense. This line showcases humans fighting within themselves.

“When majestic mountains exchanged its base”

Mountains exchanging their bases represent natural disasters like earthquakes and landslides.

“When water bodies occupied land”

Water bodies like rivers or oceans occupying land projects us the scene of another natural disaster; flood.

“Was born humanity”

The above five lines altogether represent gloom, disaster, unhappiness, sorrow, tremendous change and violence.

In all these situations, when one was in need of the other’s help, that tint of empathy in our heart wrought to our mother land “The Humanity”.

Stanza 2

Can anyone deny the existence of humanity? Can someone say it is not magic? It Indeed is magic, a magic when done, can bloom other’s lives. The one who nurtured the contrary of humanity, in his venture has himself denied his Past Idea. In this world of peace and harmony (The Earth), why bloodshed? Why war? Why harm our cloned senses,...................... again?

Why destroy (Humanity) which was once created in need?

By Aswiga M

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