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By Ayush Muley

Her Family is now ready to celebrate the 9 days of life,

But after that she is going to marry a man whom her parents are going to bribe;

They say shyness is her jewellery and limitations are her best friends,

She is a goddess if wearing a saree but just another slut if she’s following all the latest trends.

Endangered from her mother’s womb itself, her existence in her own family seems to be just a lie,

Coz her father who forced her to stay at home gave long speeches in public encouraging girls to fly.

And now, we worship the holy force for all these 9 nights and days,

To whom we have harassed, raped and killed in infinite different ways.

But you know what?

She is the daughter of the stars, and the moon is her lover,

Sun lays at her feet and the wind is her cover;

She has thunder in her soul, and fire in her heart,

She has ocean in her eyes, and for her….the whole earth is an art.

By Ayush Muley

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