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By Preeti Trehan

Everything is fine, but it doesn’t seem quite right…..

Haven’t seen you in so many years, yet you seem somewhere close by

I can sense your presence, your fragrance, your smile and those beautiful hazel eyes

Life continues in all its hues but it doesn’t seem like its whole

Without you tough times are tougher and no celebration has a soul

I could never handle the void but consciously subconsciously follow your ways

When I sometimes hear “you are just like your Ma” it truly makes my day

Your blessings keep most things in life in place

Just like you, I live my life around the kids – work my way , at my own pace

Both are grown up and have flown the nest to chase their dreams

They are dynamic young adults, thanks to their hardwork and as you would say “their genes”

Your loss left me speechless but your stories I tell them all the time

There is a tiny bit of guilt, the childhood I gave my kids is nothing compared to mine

We had so much fun Mamma, I often think of the happy times, I don’t focus on the pain

I don’t cry anymore when I talk about you, but weep at most things inane

A part of me will remain broken but I hold the pieces tight

Everything is fine, but it doesn’t seem quite right……

By Preeti Trehan

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