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By Gunja Shah


Why do we crave their sight

Their attention

Their quarrel

Why do we want them to only have 'us' on their minds

And for them to crawl to 'us' in their highs and lows.

I have never needed one in my highs

Haven't huddled into me

For a man to tell me he is thinking of me

Haven't prayed for it.

I have needed one in my lows

Have wished for a hand to hold mine

For a man to tell me he sees me

Have prayed for it too.

Why do we want to be seen

But not touched or held

We want to be the sun for them

Freezing to death without us

But too hot to hold.


Why do we make it seem like we cannot live without them?

That if i do not have them

I might crumble like sugar in this heat.

But i have always needed one

If not out of wish

Than out of necessity

One to nurture

One to warm my heart

One to lust after

One to hate

One to love

I have needed one

Only if subconsciously

With my eyes

My smiles

And my words

I have invited them to me

Who can resist me?

The ever docile thing.

And now i try to hide, run a muck

Trying to survive,

Without them,


By Gunja Shah

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