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By Sharon Thangaraj

A is for ADORE, I adore you everyday

B is for BOLD, in your decisions

C is for COMFORT, I always feel in you

D is for DYNAMITE, you truly are

E is for ENERGY, you have in tons

F is for FAITH, your greatest treasure

G is for GOAL, secret of your success

H is for HARD WORK, you believe in it

I is for IMPOSSIBLE, which fears to reach you

J is for JOY, you always spread

K is for KING, you are my king

L is for LIFE, which you gave me

M is for MEDICINE, when I'm weak

N is for NURTURE, only with good thoughts

O is for ORGANIZED, even in little things

P is for PURE, your love is pure

Q is for QUIET, even in your victory

R is for REJOICE, in the Lord always

S is for STRENGTH, my backbone

T is for TEACHER, my first guide

U is for UNIQUE, in your actions

V is for VALOR, salute for your bravery

W is for WORLD, you are my everything

X is for XENAS, which you want to see in me

Y is for YOUTH, still admiring in you

Z is for ZEALOUS, always loving in you.

By Sharon Thangaraj

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