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7 Poetic Works

By Juna J L

1. The Feels

The wind blows south and the wolf howls

The wine tastes fire and my song starts

Smell the roses for they are pure

Touch my piano and feel my heart

You will see my heart just swayed

The paint brush flows through my sheet

And my heart feels alive and my mind awake

For it is a lovely night full of dreams and stars.

2. December

December is the smell of snow

The taste of whiskey

The warmth of fire

The song of a heart

And the merriness of a child.

3. Tis

It's messy

Messier than a dirty cupboard

It's shabby

Shabbier than a pencil scribble

It's rare

As exquisite as a diamond

It's a journey

Full of pain and pleasure

It's unique

So sophisticatedly well-balanced

And it's just brilliantly

beautiful as it is

As the queen of the garden

in the blazing sun

Cause Tis life.


Here I lay awake in the

open sunny spring;

Elated by the beautiful nature

and her miraculous wonders.

And as the irony is such,

Here I am in my mind

also being engulfed by

my own unending thoughts.

5. Christmas

I was awakened by the sound of their wings;

The ones who are so pure and gentle.

I was elated by the jingling of bells

And my friend of snow gifted me joy.

As I walked on, my wooden tree granted me comfort.

My decorated wreath reminded me of peace.

And my old jazz told me to visit home.

And as I climbed those paved steps,the snow,

the air and the merry people told me to be

happy and to have hope.

And then at dawn, it was the brilliant wine and

the sweet cake that cheered up my mood.

And then as I got into my cosy cottage bed,

the stars shone brightly and the chimney

provided me with warmth.

And they all reminded me that it was

Christmas all over again.


In the spring when our eyes meet,

The roses bloom and the magpie sings

And trust me love, in that moment

It feels like we've lived a million years.


Put me in a cushioned chair

with a hot cup of coffee

In a fancy bookstore

And I'll escape into my own

world where magic is true

and all fantasies beautiful.

By Juna J L

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