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"27" Years Passed...

By Shahnaz Hassan

How? It passed so quickly, I am still breathing without ‘YOU’, my most adorable - “FATHER”. You left me with lots of responsibilities as if you knew that she can manage. She’s not a daughter, she’s my ‘SON’. Yes, I did, it’s not because it’s my duty, but because of your faith that became MY STRENGTH, MY POWER, MY DUTIES to fulfil your dreams… I did. “The Almighty” helped me, so I cross all the hurdles of my life. Your words and your pieces of advice always helped me to be so and so and do so and so. Now, it’s me Alone, Desperate, Sad, the wandering soul, wandering from place to place in search of true love, true words, and true appreciation – but, nope I never honoured. My father was my Pride, my Honour, my Guide, and still ‘he is’ with me everywhere in whatever I do, think, or react.


By Shahnaz Hassan

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