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25 haikus for the restless soul

By Bahaish Kapoor


What was that you said? I was not listening yet.

Ah, enlightenment!


Love is always hard

So is hatred, you know this You must make a choice


Running away from me

All the things I used to be Mirror on treadmill


The ghosts of my dreams Appear in my room after Nightmare has ended


I smell your perfume

After you sail by my house Cross tomorrow too


Soft feminine touch

Sometimes forceful angry punch Soul has no gender


The cat purrs softly

Furry and sleepy, at ease It is fierce still


You ride the night train You dream as it rocks gently Surprise, you’ve arrived!


The rain drums a beat

The sun is silent, still

Who is stronger, choose 10.

You watch the night turn Blue to black to bright orange The day has begun


The tiger in you

Furious, impatient, is asking ‘Why am I still caged?’


Trick to untying Any knot is knowing which string should first be pulled


Swimming against the tide Your arms grow weak and tired

Let go, You’re the sea


I hear you coming

rising sound of your anklets My heart beats faster


sizzle on a pan

Meat, round kebabs singe and sing The dog salivates


Moon crosses the sky

A steady light follows it

Humans in a box


Animated beat

thundering feet on the street Corpse he will soon be


slow creeping blackness

Leaking off the walls, crawling It envelops me


All war is within

Silence is your first weapon And the last one too


Comes the fabled storm

Or the dark night of the soul Patience, the end nears


Pride , a cruel joke

We are but dust with voices And ceaseless desire


I once fell asleep

Slept through all my days and nights Death quietly awaits


Thunder clap, lightning

What a show, it is drama

God likes cinema


empty, unfulfilled

What life is this that I lead

No marvel, no joy


Doctor tries to heal

But my soul won’t have it now It wants to escape

By Bahaish Kapoor

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