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2. Song

By Abhishek Kumar Anmol

Someone one can cover a mort cloth

You are seeing is covered a mort cloth on my body.

Let blossom of dirt roses smelling from my body

Keep to touch with them and covered my body

Feels again and feels like a hopeless life,

A powerful life, unexpected

Covered them coverved them to feel

My soul left the alone journey

A hopeless life l…..ife

Someone one can cover a mort cloth

Dragger inside touch softly to my heart….

It feels like a body is on the floor of sensation

A hopeless life, to my heart

Try to someone drag your body in the cage

To touch my heart

Someone one can cover a mort cloth

The colour of the mort cloth is red to similar blood

Helps them I want to cross my pain

Fly like a soul of birds fly in the open sky

Free from to your cage

Cage keeps to my soul

Somone one can cover a mort cloth

I was in a dream again and again

To seeing to touch by your

Hand to my mort cloth

Leave it to leave it to touch to my heart

My mort cloth is wet from my tears

Lapped in a dream one day in the dream.

Leave it left my hand alone alone...

By Abhishek Kumar Anmol

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