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2 Million Years Earlier -

By Unmesh Arun Phule

a droid wandering planets

landed on soil

which had life growing above

and dead underlying

singular in its approach

this droid was alone

scanning every inch

sending it to the unknown

it had seen formation of planets

to birthing of beings

from celluloids to mammals

to beings with thumbs and dreams

some spoke while some didnt

some lived while some killed

ones that spoke lived

ones that didnt were killed

survival of the fittest

to survival alone

the droid had seen it all

and still couldnt fathom

every planet he scanned

had life flourishing

but there was this planet

where sense just diminished

it had seen destruction

caused on purpose

for reasons untold

it happened over and over

the data it scanned

was uncannily similar

it checked its database

it was 2 million years earlier

after outliving planets

and traveling galaxies

the droid was finally home

but in a different actuality

alien it was considered

and a revelation of sorts

some called it an epiphany

that opened all doors

beings wept and worshipped

hanged posters on walls

of a droid they created

and called it a god

By Unmesh Arun Phule

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