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12 Years Later

By Aditi Singh Parmar

We will meet again

In the same location

Where it all had ended.

My first love will be holding his sweet daughter in his arms,

He will be holding his wife’s hand affectionately.

My first best friend will be changed completely,

The short tempered girl will be transformed into a mature one.

The front benchers will be flattering about their success,

And the last benchers will continue to behave like old times

Despite their achievements.

The famous couple of our class will not be together anymore,

On of them will move on while the other will always try to live with their golden memories.

And there will be me standing at the corner,

Seeing everything and everyone to change,

With my eyes full of tears,

My heart full of regrets.

Regret of not confessing my love ever.

Regret not holding on to my best friend.

Regret never social enough,

To make friends.

And in our classroom,

The benches will have doodles on them.

The walls will have nonsense written all over.

The blackboard will have endless tales to share.

The uniform will have the names scribbled on with pens.

In spite of everything being just like old times,

We, won’t be just like old times.

12 years later,

We all will meet again

Not as our present versions,

But as our destined versions.

By Aditi Singh Parmar

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