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Updated: Sep 20

By Trisha Shah

Sometimes it’s ok to embrace the cold,

sometimes it’s ok to feel numb,

sometimes it’s ok to let go of the hold,

sometimes it’s ok to succumb,

Coz only when you feel cold

do you realise that there’s still warmth.

Numbness is the only way you can be told

that affection still makes you betroth.

Just this once when you let go,

and when you give in to vulnerability,

you know how friendly was your foe

and you acknowledge your stability.

Never mind if you are low,

it’s a realisation that you were up above,

all this time not letting it show,

that how difficult it was to unlove.

So, let the realisation hit you

that you are still a human

and that all these are tints and hues

of a life which is not yet done.

This is all what I tell me

as much to justify my feelings

as to reassure me

Yet being stuck, rather than healing.

By Trisha Shah

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