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Voice Of Athena

By Sandeep Patil

Does it have contentment feeling so rational

Is there pleasure to be feeling so dimensional

All the harmony and morality next to you

Find you as a symbol of

love and affection

Voice of Athens

You're a statue of wise

You're in a mission committing sacrifice

You're a picture of colourful dandelions

You're a mother in disguise

You're a rainbow after thunder and lights

You're wind in voyages and searides

You're a paddle in the ocean of life

Voice of athena

Voice of athena

Does it feel prosper to devour?

Does it feel glory to conqueror?

Does standing like a pilliar of nous

Helps you feed grains in the house of poors

Does standing like a cards of imagination

Makes you ace the battle of life and reincarnation?

Does the eyes of envision

Gives you gift of harmony and precision?

Voice of athena

You're a statue of art and reason

You're a lips of pure and faithful decisions

You're the eyes of wisdom

You're child witness in the murder of mother of mothers

You're a woman of hopes and vision

You're a shade from the sun reflection

Voice of athena

Why do you speak the truths to the atheism?

Why do you seduce your words with separation and schism?

How do you encourge them to the path of light and harness the strength in unison?

Away for the web of drama and emotions.

By Sandeep Patil

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