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Valli's Inner Strength

By Valli.M

Fall, Stuck, Rise and repeat: 

Hey everyone, get set for a look into my life's one part of journey! It's a story of facing challenges, celebrating wins, and the strong belief in never giving up. Ready for some positive vibes? Let's jump into this adventure together!

Growing up in a middle-class family, life was tough from the start. With the help of a loan, I managed to go to college despite money problems. After finishing college, I got a good job, paid off my loan, and started building a career with my brother.

However, tragedy struck when my brother had an accident, and my father's drinking habits made things worse. After my brother passed away, I took on the responsibility of supporting my parents with my salary. Even after getting married, money troubles continued.

As a mom, I worked hard managing both my job and family. I even received the Best Employee award, bought a car, and got my own house. But, despite being recognized by the management, I wasn't paid what I deserved. My boss made things difficult, and in the end, I chose to leave my job to keep my self-respect intact.

I had plans to start a franchise-type business, but a scam took away my money and left me emotionally shaken. Still, I didn't give up. I learned digital marketing, Government volunteered to teach kids, and even got the best volunteer award from the District Collector.

Shifting my focus to digital marketing, I faced challenges finding the right job due to the need to work from an office. Eventually, I found a role as a content writer nearby company. Seeking more improvement, I joined Content Vidhya for workshops and applied for a blogging program.

Even though the struggles, I keep going. I'm determined to prove myself, improve my finances, and discover who I am. Every problem I face becomes a step toward a better future. Life is hard, but my determination is stronger.

Never Give Up.

By Valli.M

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