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Twists Of A Tendril

By Anubhuti Saha

If you are soft but twisted just like a bunch of tendrils

Then your life is nothing but a tale full of thrills

Coil around a host, who likes to boast

Let the host sympathize and patronize

But you continue to photosynthesize

Remember climbing high is the path to a life of king size

Mystified by your urge to touch the sky

Some bugs may prick and pry

Resulting in a situation bombarded with hows and why

If they question the formula of your gait to touch the sky

Just like a tendril answer them,

You might look tender but you tend, like a drill to climb aiming for the sky

Attracted by the magnetic drive, if they ask about the secret,

which they want to borrow

Tell them with a smirk on your face

It's nothing but the one and only “Screw Rule” that you follow

Which, according to Darwin is a necessary trait to survive

Or it might be due to Mendel who said it is the universe that asked my DNA to inherit and imbibe.

By Anubhuti Saha

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