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To My Little Self

Updated: Mar 12

By Amisha Tiwari

My ode of agony and pain, Falling apart to crumble sideways. "I've seen the worst of all," I thought, Foolish of the peace before the storm.

I was my comforter, Crawled, walked, ran, and was my motivator. Kept meeting people all along, Only one strung my heart's chord.

I thought happiness lies here, His arms and my tears: Our fears. Even after everything, our souls were never naked, Yet, before anyone, I kept choosing him, feeling wasted.

The tale that follows isn't pleasing, Narcissistic and egocentric faces kept revealing. The rope, for me, wasn't to let go, You see, I've been dreaming of a love that ignores to forego.

Mistaken as I was, Almost stood at the aisle accepting flaws. Pulled the shame on me, For promises were made but none to keep.

Isolation became my forte, Self-pitying, my dark side’s doorway. But I knew, I know better, I was my prince, my Knight in shining armor.

"Believe the process," they said, I smirked to let the memories fade. But when they said, "HE has planned everlasting roof!" I gazed for skeptical proof.

Nights of agony and pain, Shadowed away with a stare of almond gape. It was a Bollywood movie come alive, He crossed every fiery path with torment futile.

Expeditious was our time of commitment, What feels right is right, be patient!

By Amisha Tiwari

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