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By Simarjeet Kaur

I got back from the room. Natasha was the only true friend I have and will ever Has she been lying on the bed looking so sick?

Natasha was a foreigner and came here to India when she was in 10th standard after that she became my friend. She had blue coloured sharp pointed big eyes with blonde straight hair. She had 5feet6inch height with thick lips.

I was heartbroken to see her like this. Pale yet weak lying in bed.

The doctor said that she had less time to live as she had slow poison. She can die at any moment.

My Mom came running towards me ……

Mom-: Simar! What does the doctor say?

Simar-: She can die any moment.

After saying this I cried. My mom hugged me tightly. She instructed me to go home and take a rest and eat something because I didn't eat anything in two days. I refused but she ordered me. So I have to go.

Mom-: Her parents will be here any moment now. You just go home and pray for her betterment.

Simar-: Okay!

I departed but I was worried about what will happen to her. Will she be okay?

When I reached home. I saw myself in the mirror. Dark brown almond-shaped eyes were red because of crying. I was 5feet8inch in height with thin heart-shaped lips. I changed my clothes into something comfortable. Then I opened my black wavy hair and just sat on the floor.

I started thinking " Simar! You have to eat something. Everything will be okay”

I got downstairs and grab a cup of tea and came to stand on the terrace. Everything was so calm outside me but inside me, there was a storm going on. I was deeply in my thoughts when someone said "You want her alive, then you have to hurt yourself”

I turned around to see a silvers skin person with no hair on his head. Blue eyes with rabbit ears he was not looking like a human.

Simar-: W-who are you?

Snowy-: Hello! I am snowy. But we don't have time for an introduction. There is a flower that blooms o e in 10,000 years. If you took it then your friend can be saved. The whole poison will fade and –

Simar-: (angrily) Am I looking like an idiot to you? Firstly you are in my house like an intruder then you say things that don't make sense…… Ah!

He picked me up from the ground and held me in the air.

Simar-: (scared) W-what are you doing?

He put me back on the ground. He told them he is from a place called "Fiends” they help people to solve their problems.

Simar-: (Sigh) means that I can save my friend?

Snowy -: Yup!

Simar-: what can I do?

He told me to follow him. He can just give me instructions and I have to work accordingly. He told me that there will be a few challenges that I have to clear before I can take that flower.

Snowy-: you just have 10 hours . We have to hurry

Simar-: (panicking) Just 10 hours. Okay! But how will we go to Miami?

He created a blue hole that was just like a vacuum within a few seconds we were at the gate of Miami. He gestured to go inside the gate.

We walked for a few minutes then he stopped 20 hotspots that were hot and were giving fire every 5 seconds.

Snowy-: They are HOTY SMOKY HOLES. Your first task is to cross it without getting caught. And you have to do it alone. I will be waiting on the other side.

I knew that every 5 seconds they will give fire so I counted to 5 and then run then stop them again counted to 5 then again did the same thing. I stumbled at the last hotspot and I fell but the hotspot disappeared.

Snowy-: Don't worry you stumbled after you crossed the last one.

Simar-: (sigh) Finally!

Snowy-: We have less time so let's go.

We again started walking and now after a few miles, he stopped before a jungle. He told me that this jungle makes people get into the illusion. And I have to take apple that sings.

Snowy-: If you get caught in it. You will be here forever.

I sighed I started going slowly slowly. The more deeper, I go the darker it was getting.

At first I saw a beautiful blue colour butterfly I was about to go beside it but I remembered it is just an illusion. Then I saw a lion running towards me at first I got this much scared that I didn't even move a bit but then that lion got disappeared. Then at last I saw an apple I got really happy but that apple doesn't sing so I smashed it and a seed came from it and become a tree then there an apple was hanging that was singing. I got it and got to the ending. Snowy was looking tense I asked him what happened?

Snowy-: There's just 5 hours and 2 more task are there to complete .

Simar-: Its east to complete it .

Snowy-: The flower will bloom in just 1 hour 30 minutes . Your friend still have 5 hours.

Simar-: Then we should hurry.

We both hold hands and ran as fast as we could then there was a lava in front of me . He told me that I have to cross it barefoot. I didn't have time so I just did it for Natasha. I ran as fast as I could to cross the larva then there was only 30 mins left . We ran again then we stopped at a mountain that was high and there was only one rope to climb it.

Snowy-: Simar! If destiny wanted we will meet again . You have to climb that mountain and take this sword if anyone tried to take the flower from you then attack them with it.

Simar-: Okay!

I was sad that it was my last meeting with Snowy but Natasha needs me . I started climbing as fast as I can without looking down. At the end of the rope a giant monster was standing that was staring at me angrily. I just used my sword and attacked him. There was only 3 minutes left so I ran towards the flower. When the flower came up there was a blue light and the petals were blue and shiny. I took it and tried to ran from there but there was a person with lead crown on his head. He told me he is God of flower.

Simar-: I will not allow you take it from me. If you tried I will attack you.

God of flower-: I won't but this flower has many advantages due to want to waste it on a simple human?

Simar-: That human is my bestest friend and its not wasting. She will die please leave me.

He smiles and put both his hands above his head a light came and my eyes got closed. When my eyes opened I was in hospital. I ran towards the Natasha room. Everyone was crying but I ignored them and got to Natasha. I squeezed the flower and opened her mouth and put it inside her mouth. At first, her breathing stopped I cried alot after few seconds her hand moved , moved eyes got open and she got okay. I hugged her and told everyone that she is okay!

I was happy and sitting outside thinking about everything that happen happened snowy snow to me.

Snowy-: Hey! Snowy.

Simar-: (smiles) Hi. Why you came here in hum the world?

Snowy-: Because you are the queen of miami.

Simar-: (shocked) Queen?

He told me that everything that happened in a few hours was to confirm whether I am their queen or not and they have told my family about it too.

After the discharge of Natasha on the same day my coronation was held and after that, we all love happily.

By Simarjeet Kaur

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