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The Golden Camel

By Bhavya Jain

“She’s been missing for 2 days , no clue. Do you know  anything about her??” inspector asked Pulkit. 


1.5 Years LATER.. 

Mom= Boy! come here and watch the news !!  

Pulkit= nonsense !!, who would believe a kind of rumour  like that!! A CAMEL WHICH CAN LEAP THROUGH TIME,  

sounds like a novel or a film story….nowadays people  just believe anything!! 

Mom= Yeah , And do ya remember !! the news that  surfaced 6 months before about an old dwarf sage who  teleported himself when people saw him?? 

Pulkit= Yeah , a temple saint also claims that those dwarf  sages are a part of community called “Higher Sand” ,  

people with supernatural powers….BULSHITT as this  was..!! 

Phone rings.. 

(telephonic voice) himanshu= hey fab!! remember bout  

our plan bro!! ..i am coming in 5 mins … 

pulkit= sure sure ….(hangs up)….ma I am coming in an  hour…. 

Pulkit and himanshu reached a desert safari at Aamer  desert where their other friends were about to join  them. Pulkit went to search for a water bottle after they  took a ticket and went inside . After searching a lot pulkit  found himself lost in the hot burning sand of Aamer . To  trouble him more , he found that his phone was dead  and no one except camels were visible now . Suddenly  his sight fell on a relatively shorter camel whose skin  somehow glowed way more than the other ones. Outa  curiosity pulkit went near it and to his surprise he found

THAT THE CAMEL WAS ALL GOLDEN, thinking it to be his  hallucination he touched its majestic golden fur, as soon  

as he touched it , the surroundings around him changed  as if ripples were formed on them and as soon as he  

removed his hand everything became normal. He did it  once again and found similar observations ..Oblivious of  what came over his head and he tried to ride it and in a 

2 sec gap , a supernatural celestial surge filled the  surroundings and eventually made pulkit unconscious .  (someone)= oh he seems like a man in his 20s….but how  could you ever reach this place.  

Pulkit= ( he found himself in a mysterious world with  light orange sky and desert stretching vast, far as ethe  vision goes)(intervened and said) WHO ARE YOU AND  WHERE AM I (notices something eccentric) 

Pulkit noticed that the man who just spoke to him had a  stature of 1/4th of a man and was really old. His clothes  were of pale yellow colour with unknown symbols on

them .He had a couple of Rudraksha Malas on both of  his arms. His white beard almost reached the ground. 

(..)= Hey boy..I really donno how you withstood a Time  Barrier surge and are still in your consciousness, but in 

any case if u did you are a special one as no one had ever  come here WITH HIS CONSCIOUSNESS ALIVE. Well, I am  Rethrishi Jaambavan and in short I am a Higher Sand  sage and you , my little boy , are inside a dimension 

called Higher Sand or Mokshbalu(Enlightened Sand) . Pulkit= Rethrishi? Are you even human , and all those  things you told me ..IS THAT SHIT EVEN REAL??IS IT A  PRANK?? ANYONE!!(shouts) 

Rethrishi= shut that crap up !! you wanna go home?? , I  

ll teleport you right away so don’t cry ..However you  can’t go home so easily, as you are one of the those, who without the use of RethVidya , Got in here with  consciousness, I can’t let you go without fulfilling a wish  of yours.. So just spit it out and go you crybaby!!

Pulkit= Ok , (stuttering) my wish is to go home.. 

Rethrishi= (intervened and said angrily) one more time you say the word home and I LL MAKE YOU ASH!! Pulkit = Ok , Ok old man now don’t be angry…….(after 

thinking and relaxing his body by sitting on sand, his  mind became somehow cool) Hey Rethrishi!!, can this  camel really do time travel? I mean it must be true as  YOU ARE ALSO IN EXISTENCE as told by the news.. 

So…..if you allow…… can I go 1.5 years in past just for an  hour or two by using it?? 

Rethrishi =(astonished) just how did you change so  much in that little time?? Anyway ,yes that’s right , this  our special Reth Oonth (sand camel) ,but what for ?? pls  explain .. 

Pulkit = umm, the thing is that …. Ahh …how to tell you  ….. My girlfriend Ankita and I quarelled over something  

, more elaborately, she insisted me that we should

marry , but I was against it as wanted to work a little  more over my new startup with Himanshu . After that  

incident , I didn’t receive any calls and messages from  her side for two days and then her family came rushing  

to my home with inspector Rajwant, in a dreary state of  mind , when the inspector informed me that she is  missing from 2 days….AND SHE HASN’T RETURNED 

BACK SINCE 1.5 years!!!! …..(pulkit started weeping)..

Rethrishi= well no need to tell me more , we should  hurry now!! 

Pulkit = (looking at some people there wearing similar  clothing) ohh but wait , btw , are those people over  

there also higher sand sages like you ? 

Rethrishi = No!!, but how did they catch your interest ,  well , they are just living bodies they can’t listen, speak  or understand anything now , it happened to them  because they might have touched or rode on the camel  and must be struck by the time stop surge 

, it has made their mind absolutely numb..

Pulkit = ohh , just out of curiousity , can nothing be done  to turn them normal ? 

Rethrishi = nah , it’s simple , if someone whom they  know shall come here and they recognize him/her , then  

they can be turned back….well leave it boy , let’s get on  

the camel first .. 

Pulkit and rethrishi rode on the camel and got back in  time by 1.5 years …. 

Pulkit was awestruck when he saw the view of his city  1.5 years ago he recollected as he walked . Same  advertisments and films of that time left him in glee. 

Rethrishi= Wait boy , there are some rules of the time  travel by the use of higher sand camel .You need to wear  the Mokshbalu Poshaak (higher sand costume) to roam  around otherwise you can be attacked anytime by the  time surge..

Rethrishi used rethvidya to clothe pulkit up into a higher  sand agent , large cloak full of higher sand symbols with  

a fancy hat . Rethrishi turned himself into a parrot and  sat on Pulkit’s right arm. Pulkit hurried to his home , as expected the mother  didn’t recognize him due to the large hat , but then pulkit saw his own self coming out of the hall to enquire  the scene , Pulkit changed his voice and bluffed “do you  know any lady called Maira here mam??”. Mother and  Past Pulkit denied and then the visitor got away from  there. 

Rethrishi = (in parrot’s body) now who the hell was  maira ,boy?? I tought your gf’s name was Ankita?? 

Pulkit = she is no one , I just said that to get out of the  situation .. well I saw my past self here too which means  that this time travel won’t allow me to live here just will  allow me to make changes ….THIS IS GETTING TOUGH  MAN!!

Pulkit gathered courage , removed the sage Hat and  rushed to Ankita’s home . He Rang the bell and  

fortunately it was Ankita who opened the door.  

Ankita = Hey wassup Pulkit !? , but wait a sec why are  your facial hair looking so grown up all of a sudden, and  

why are you in this damn weird cloak and this parrot , IS  THIS YOUR PET?? 

Pulkit= Now Now , wait anku , first of all tell me , are u  okay?? 

Ankita= Of course, why did u ask?? .. 

Pulkit = ( his eyes got teary) Na......No its nothing …I was  saying that….. 

(suddenly) someone from inside the house = (cried  loudly) oh god!! what more pain is left on our part  


Pulkit= Was that your mother’s cry ?? what happened  Anku ? 

Ankita = (hiding her tears ) No , Its nothing .. 

Pulkit = Wait Ankita what happened , please tell me .. Ankita ran inside and closed the door on Pulkit .. 

Mahesh= is that you Pulkit ? 

Pulkit = who are you …..wait a sec are you Mahesh ??  You are Ankita’s cousin aren’t ya ?? 

Mahesh = yess !! 

Pulkit= What are you doing Here , have come to see her  ?

Mahesh= Ahhhh … I just came from your house , the  guard said that you were gone with your Mom at Shiva  

temple ,how are you here then ……well I  …..Actually…how do I put it…..I want to talk you actually  

about a dire important matter …..Actually I am damn  sure of this thing that Ankita will never tell you this truth  herself but her Father’s health is ebbing day by day by 

the disease a and she is really worried about him and  her parents about her marriage so………OH SHITT I GOTA  GO I CAN JUST TELL YOU this much ……and yeah one  more thing I think she is going for a desert safari  tomorrow wither friends as her father said that she  should take a break from caring about him….well I think  

it will be awesome if you could give a surprise to her  tomorrow ……BYEE TAKE CARE….. 

(rethrishi returned to his orginal form ) 

Rethrishi= Hey boy what are u thinking now.. 

(pulkit cried the tears of realization)

Pulkit= so that’s why she wanted us to marry soon , she  was too worried about her father and I did that to her  

…..OH MY WHAT HAVE I ……Wait a minute …… 

Pulkit became rock still for a min or two and then 

rethrishi asked….. 

Rethrishi= what happened boy …. 

Pulkit= I GET EVERYTHING NOW RISHI!!, tomorrow is  the day when my and ankita’s fight will take place  ……and also for two days after tomorrow she will get  missing until the police will come to my house and then  she will go missing for 1.5 years …ALSO MAHESH SAID  that she will go to a desert safari ….DID YOU CONNECT  ANY DOTS Rethrishi?? 

Rethrishi= NO WAY…. I mean how can it be….you say  that tomorrow during her desert safari she might touch  

a golden camel and might have been attacked by the  time surge ??

Pulkit= we should waste no time Rethrishi …. 

(Rethrishi used his rethvidya to summon a Golden 

Camel and they both went again to the Higher Sand ….)

Pulkit searched those everyone of those people present there who lost their consciousness and who were  trapped in this dimension……AND TO HIS HAPPINESS HE  REALLY FOUND ANKITA THERE … soon as Ankita saw  pulkit her consciousness returned . 

Both of them hugged each other , both crying the tears  of happiness and their begone unending sadness….. 

Pulkit explained Ankita Everything ….. 

Ankita=What about my father, pulkit ??

Pulkit = I am really sorry but uncle lost his courage to live  after some days of your missing situation. 

Ankita = No, It can’t be happening….this is impossi…. (Rethrishi changed his form ) 

Ankita = Father !! you!! 

Pulkit= Rethrishi Jaambawan , YOU WERE UNCLE ?? (my child , the thing Is that this world is run by the  golden camel who listens to everyone’s plea , it turned  me into a higher sage so that our encounter enlightens you and bring my daughter back…..) 

Tears of happiness rolled out of everyone ‘s eyes , In  future, all unconscious people FOUND THEIR LIFE  BACK……..the end ……….

By Bhavya Jain

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