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The Cursed Cemetry

Updated: Feb 8

By Syed Akram

It is the time of dusk, a car stopped near the front entrance of the cemetery from the driver seat one boy got down name Harsh and from the seat next to it another boy named Karthik and from the back seat two girls got down, one girl holding camera Avantika and the other girl Reethu. Four are colleagues from a news channel. 

Avantika standing behind three of them and recording the entry into the cemetery and meanwhile they heard a loud voice " don't enter, don't enter “they look that side where the voice came from and saw an old man in the '70s was standing outside of an old hut around 50 feet away from the front entrance of the cemetery. Harsha said to Avi that go and record the old man's words also what the old man is saying, as she is holding the camera and standing behind. Avi nodded her head and moving towards the old man's hut and three of them entering the cemetery main entrance slowly. Avi reached the old man and pointed the camera towards him as soon as the camera flashlight spotted him, he started shouting " don't enter the cemetery", Avi replied in a loud tone to make sure that the old man hears her, that we are here to make a documentary of the cemetery in the night, and we will leave within a couple of hours. The old man stood calm for a minute and said in a creepy voice " Stop your friends entering the cemetery, don't let your friends scatter in the cemetery otherwise, your fate will become of those 5 boys who enter the cemetery 10 years ago". After hearing the old man's words, Avi by sprinting reached the main entrance at once. At the time she reached they were nowhere to be found at the entrance or nearby it. 

Avi standing at the main entrance called Harsha and asked where you are and said don't go too far if you are in the cemetery, Harsha ignored her words and said come fats inside Avi, and hung the phone. Avi called Reethu to explain the situation and make them to come out of the cemetery. As Reethu was about to answer the phone, Harsha took the phone and shouted Avi are you coming or not, here we got good locations to shoot come fast, and without hearing her any words he hung up the call.

Avi hesitated to enter after hearing the old man's words, but she rushed into the cemetery with one thought to stop them from going too far in the cemetery and get back them safe and sound out of the cemetery. At the time when Avi was recording the old man's words, the rest three of them decided to split up and make Avi tense and remeet after some. Avi sprinted for 5 minutes, but she didn't encounter anybody, and she called Harsha, but his phone didn't connect as it's saying out of coverage area. She called Reethu and the call connected but this time Karthik answered the phone and Avi shouted at once where you guys are, I have been walking for 5 minutes but you are nowhere to be found and Karthik replied " we saw you, just come a little more forward you will also see us ". This is the biggest mistake he made by telling Avanthika to go a little forward into the cemetery. Avi hung up the phone and walking towards forward slowly after those words that they saw her, and they are a little more ahead only.

The cursed CHRISTIAN CEMETERY, it's located in the outskirts of the city around 15 kilometres from the city centre. It’s spread across 20 acres with countless Graves since it was established in 1982 when coming to construction it is surrounded by a compound wall of 5 feet. The cemetery has three gates one is the main entrance with a big gate in the west and from that, a straight path through the south part of the cemetery connects to the 2nd gate in the southwest direction and the 3rd one on the north side of the cemetery. As the cemetery is old it is dense with huge trees and even in the morning it looks clouded by darkness. The north part of the cemetery is almost full of graves, up to the early 2000s all the graves are buried there. After that, all over the cemetery graves are scattered.

After sunset, entry into the cemetery is restricted. There used to be a watchman with his quarters at the north side gate and there are hardly 10 Lamps like streetlights are there, three at the entrances and remaining along the straight path between the main entrance and the southeast. But after the Incident of 7 boys entering the cemetery, he dropped from his duty, and no one has ever dared to fill his position again and only one old man in his small hut is there at the main entrance.

The current situation in the cemetery, Avi is holding the camera and walking on the path between the main entrance and southeast entrance which passes through the southern part of the cemetery. Karthik and Reethu who scatters from Harsha are going in the north direction of the cemetery, Harsha who is also divided from the main entrance is heading in the south direction. Its already been very dark as it is far from the city and the whole cemetery is being blackened by the fog as the night goes on.

It's 8:25 pm when Harsha checked his phone to make a call to Karthik and found out no signal on his phone. He's been walking for quite some time with his flashlight and thinking of going back to the main entrance by seeing the second flashlight which they didn't give to Avantika as they want to make her tense. He decided to sit under a big tree for a while and return to the main entrance. Avi is walking in the straight path with her phone's flashlight on and recording some places on the way. She's been thinking " How long I have been walking here, where are these guys went". Avi noticed that the straight path is taking a curve in the southeast direction, and she halted and thinking what to do next while trying to make a call to Karthik who did some research before coming to the cemetery. 

She saw two members were sitting near a grave and she thought they might have seen my friends and ask in which they direction went and shouted " Excuse me! Did you see anybody passing this path? " Pointing the phone flashlight towards them. As it is the phone's flash it is not up to them and they are not visible properly, one of them stood and shows their hand towards the curved path to which she is about to go. When she turned her head to take a look and turned to say thanks, two standing near the grave were not there who were there a second ago and disappeared when she turned her head and turned back. She was shocked for a moment and looked around whether they are gone somewhere, without thinking about them much Avi started to walk in the southeast direction along the path. Karthik and Reethu were walking in the north direction, they didn't even turn on their flashlights as they were seeing somebody here and there near some graves. Harsha is telling Reethu that "After 6 o clock entry is restricted but today here quite some people are even after dusk". Reethu interrupt Harsha and said there was a path over there and both reached the path. Harsha, after looking around the cemetery and said this might be the path from the North gate which connects to the path between the main entrance and the southeast entrance. They saw a path lamp and decided to go there and found a small piece of paper under the lamp. In the paper, it is written: " DON'T GET LOST FROM THE PATH INTO THE GRAVES". Both looked at their faces and turn on their flashlights to see around and saw nobody is there at the graves, by whom just now they passed by.

Harsha is on the way to the main entrance, but in search of the network, he somehow forgot the way he came and lost in the blackened graves with torchlight in his hand, he is just moving in the pitch dark. Karthik and Reethu were still under the lamp post on the pathway to the north gate, Karthik convenience Reethu it's better we go to the North gate it is where the old watchman quarters is there and definitely, we will get network and we can contact to Harsha and Avi. Reethu who is sacred, what happened with the people around them and the paper they found, after listening to Karthik's words feels better and agreed to go to North gate and they were heading towards it.  Avantika is on the path, fully scared as she has a feeling of being followed by someone, and with no network showing in her phone makes her even tense and started to move fast. When Avi looked back to confirm it's her imagination or someone is there and found nobody there.

She walks again a few steps and this time suddenly turns back and found two persons-like structures hiding behind the tree and confirmed these are the two persons who show the path when she asked about her friends near the main entrance. Now she gets afraid and started running into the graves to escape from them, after running a little bit into the graves, she hides behind a tree and observing to make sure that they are not following again and to gets rid of them. Suddenly she felt a hand on her shoulder and the ground beneath her feet shook when she dared to turn her head to see who was it, after seeing a woman with her hair falling on the face she screams in fear and started running by dropping her phone at the spot.

In the North, Harsha, and Reethu hear the scream, and Reethu told Karthik I think it is Avi's voice and they started moving towards the direction where the voice came from. Harsha who gets lost in the graves also hears the scream and he just knows that the voice belongs to Avi's and now running in that direction.

Avantika is running in the graves randomly and again she lost the grip of the camera and dropped it while running. In the tense, she gets hit by one of the graves to her foot and fell to the ground by going unconscious. Harsha reached the spot and found there nothing but her phone, he was very afraid of her, as she didn't even have a torch with her, Harsha took her phone and following the trail of her foot. After walking quite a while he found Avantika in an unconscious state and lift her in his arms and running in the unknown direction after seeing Avantika in that state. Karthik and Reethu by shouting Avi's name they are coming towards the direction they heard the scream.

Reethu hears someone is like running the graves and tells Harsha about it., but both were afraid to go into the graves as they found the paper with 'Don't get lost from the path ". Karthik started shouting " Avi where are you? ". Harsha heard someone is calling Avi's name and changed his direction into that voice direction thinking Karthik and Reethu might be in that direction. Harsha finally met with Karthik and Reehtu, they both saw Avantika in Harsha's arm and started asking what happened. but Harsha stopped both by dominating with a loud voice by asking Karthik that " which is the direction to the main entrance? ". Karthik tells the direction and three of them with Avi in the Harsha's arms they headed towards the Main Entrance.

They finally reached the main entrance, Karthik took the keys from Harsha's pocket and opening the door, the old man standing a few steps away from the main entrance saying to them " This is far from over, you will come again. look after the girl." Karthik started the car and took U-turn and saw the time it is 1:00 am on Thursday when they came out of the cemetery and Harsha tells Karthik to go straight to the hospital. Four of them in the car are now heading towards the hospital.

After joining Avantika in the hospital, they stayed that night in the hospital, Doctor said to them after the treatment of Avi that there is an injury on the right leg, which is not that much serious. She is fainted due to something she might have seen that makes her scared that's it, she is still unconscious and needs some rest, Tomorrow I will discharge, and you can take her home. Harsha asked the doctor when she will be conscious, and the doctor said: "In three to four hours she will be conscious, and you can meet her ". Harsha told Reethu to stay with the Avantika, me and Karthik will go to the channel and report what happened last night and call immediately when Avi wakes up. They both left for the channel and Reethu stayed with the Avantika.

Both of the boys met their Head in the channel and tells everything that happens, and Avantika was admitted to the hospital, the head of the channel listened to everything and told them to take a day leave and ask them to submit the Camera to the editor, we will make the documentary with that data it will be sufficient to the telecast. Both agreed to the boss's words and left the office and went straight for the Hospital to get the camera and submit it to the editor as early as possible. As they reached the Hospital it's around 12:30 pm, Harsha asked Reethu about the camera where it is, Boss told us to submit it to the editor it will be enough for the telecast. Reethu with a confused face replied, " I didn't saw any camera with Avi when admitted to the hospital! ". Both Harsha and Karthik were shocked for a moment, Harsha went to check in the car whether it is dropped somewhere in the car, but he returns empty-handed. Harsha gasped and told Karthik to take Reethu home to get refreshed and after lunch return to the hospital, after Avi gets conscious we will discuss it later. 

At around 3 o clock Avi gets conscious and three of them gathered in the hospital, Avantika told what happened in the cemetery about the two people following her and the appearance of the girl and that is the scream they heard. The camera must be fell in the cemetery while running she stated, after listening to Avi's words Harsha and Karthik asked Reethu to stay with Avantika and we are going to the cemetery to find the camera as the boss wants to submit it to the editor by saying telecast is on Sunday and they both left to the cemetery. 

After reaching the cemetery, Harsha told Karthik it will be better if we could just split up and search for the camera. But he refused and said no matter what happened don't split up, we'll be together. After searching for 3 hours, they found and the camera and while departing the old man is still standing in front of his staring at them. They both reached the editor's office at 7 pm and plugged the charger into the camera. After a bit, they attached the camera to the system, and they see the video is 7 hours long and started to play the video. In the video it’s pitch black, and nothing is visible not even a sound is audible. Editor asks Harsha to call Avanthika and let him know what happened.

After the conversation, everyone including the editor shocked a bit about nothing recorded on the camera. The editor told Harsha and Karthik to leave the camera with him tonight I will check whether any damage is there I will let you know in the morning and you can report the boss after that. Both left the Editor's office and went straight to the hospital to see Avantika. After spending some time there and three of them left by saying to Avantika that the doctor said tomorrow you are going to discharge, we will come tomorrow. But Reetu stayed with her there as she doesn't want to left alone Avi in the Hospital. They had a little chit chat and after dinner, Avi slept as she is still weak.

Around 10 pm Nurse entered the room and ask Reethu that the Doctor is calling to complete the discharge formalities as tomorrow is the discharge and the doctor will be on leave tomorrow. Reethu went with the nurse and came back after 15 mins when she opened the door and found Avantika is not in her bed and she checked the room and Avantika is nowhere to be found and also car Keys is not found. When she is about to call Harsha, She gets a call from an unknown number and answers the call found out to be it is from Karthik, Reethu explained the situation and asked Karthik why you called from an unknown number and he replied I forgot my phone in the car, I think it is now useful we can track my phone to locate Avantika and asked Reethu to call Harsha and explain the situation and come to the city centre.

Harsha with Reethu is waiting at the city centre for Karthik to come and tell the location. Karthik came 10 mins late, the moment when Karthik tells the location both were shocked and terrified for a moment. Harsha asked in a loud voice " are you sure? How it is possible?", Karthik shows the location of the phone in the car, and it is showing exactly in front of the cemetery. Now three of them decided to go to the cemetery when they are about to leave the city centre, Harsha got a call from the editor and he said can you please come to the channel immediately. Harsha in a hurried voice asked Editor " is it urgent? I'm in a hurry now", and he said very important come fast. Three of them went to the channel to know what is happening and why the Editor asks to come at this time. When they reached the channel Editor is waiting outside the room, Harsha asked the editor what happened. Editor in a panicky voice tells that the camera which you shoot the cemetery, the video is playing. They went inside the editor's room to see the video when editor played the video, In the beginning, it shows the main entrance and conversation with the old man and some places in the cemetery and Avantika Conversed with somebody in the dark which make them scared for a moment. After walking for a few minutes and Avantika started running and the camera flew off from Avi and fell somewhere. It is now just pitch dark and complete silence for a while and they keep seeing the video and even after 15 mins, it is silence. Harsha broke the silence and said Avantika is still in the cemetery we need to keep going.

After Harsha's words, Karthik and Reethu agreed, and about the time when three of them are leaving and Editor gets up from the chair by left the video still playing. Harsha opens the door and all of sudden from the camera strange and creepy voices are started coming, everyone hears them, and Editor jumped two steps back as he heard the creepy voice suddenly. Everyone just stood there as they were frozen to those scary voices. Harsha gets out of that and moved forward to see what is in the video and who is making that voice in the night in the cemetery. When Harsha holds the camera and his hand started to shake and from the back, Reethu asked what's in the video, when he turned the video there is nothing but a dark screen but the petrifying voices still coming. They try to turn off the camera and it is not turning off, instead of creepy voices turns into frightening cries of someone. Harsha throws the camera towards the wall and told everyone to get out of the room and asked the editor to lock the room and not to allow anyone to enter the room. 

Reethu reminds about the Avantika, by saying the editor not to enter the room, three of them, departed in the car to the cemetery. After 15 mins they reached the cemetery and found the car outside the cemetery and Karthik took the phone from it. Karthik saw the time it's exactly 1:00 am at this time a day ago they came out of the cemetery and now at the same time they are standing in front of the cemetery.

Three of them were standing in front of the main entrance of the cemetery and Harsha asked Karthik to tell the geometry of the cemetery. Harsha explained to both everything that he knows about the cemetery. Three of them agreed to split the way as they split before, Harsha in the south direction through the graves, but Karthik and Reethu told that they will be headed towards in the North direction from the main entrance and three of them entered the cemetery at once. 

Karthik and Reethu were in the path with a flashlight in their hands and encountered a lamp post and under it, Reethu found a piece of paper as same as the night before they found it under the lamp post near the North gate. In the paper, it is the same written on it " Don't get lost from the path into the graves". Reethu took the paper without leaving there and moving forward by searching the graves with their flashlights in their hands. After walking for a while, they saw another lamp post and Reethu said to Karthik that "Hey look there is another one" and she went there with a quick run by leaving the Karthik a few steps behind and found the same paper " Don't get lost from the path into the graves" written on it. At the time she took the paper and turn back to see the Karthik, the ground beneath her feet shook to find the Karthik is nowhere to be seen on the path. Reethu in a loud voice " This is not a time to play with me Karthik! Please come out! " After that, she heard a voice from the front of the path calling her name Reethu and she keeps walking in the path. She found another lamp post with some fear and scared steps she moved towards and pick the paper and found the same sentence on it, at the time she picked the paper and see the surroundings She is standing in the middle of the graves and the path is not visible to her. She shouted Karthik and running into the graves to find the path.

At the same time, Harsha is moving in the south-south direction and suddenly his eye caught some blood trails along with the graves and he scares what might have happened to the Avantika and just followed the trail. The trial ended up with a dead cat and Harsha signed a relief. At the time he was about to move forward to continue his search and he turned around to look a glance around, suddenly Karthik appears in front of him and shouted " Harsha help!!!! ". Harsha dropped his flashlight and he collapsed down on the ground just by experiencing what happened now the second flashlight and his phone also dropped from his pocket, he's thinking it is just my visualization or Karthik is really in danger. Harsha gathered himself and decided to first, go and unite with Karthik and Reethu then together search for the Avantika. Now Harsha is moving in the direction he just came and after some time he checked his pocket to see whether the network is there or not to call Karthik, and he found that the phone is dropped at the time he had a vision of Karthik. He takes again U-turn to get his phone and suddenly he heard the Reethu voice. Harsha told himself just forgot about the phone, yesterday also after the scream Avantika found him to be in an unconscious state and this time it will happen, and he started running in the direction of the scream.

Harsha runs for quite some time and joins in the path between the main entrance and the southeast gate, first he thought to go to the main entrance and then go in the way of Reethu and Karthik. Harsha going towards the main entrance, and he encountered the other path which connects the main path from the Northsides, he took a glance towards the path and saw some lamp posts, and meanwhile, his eyes saw someone was standing near the third lamp post from him. Harsha tries to focus the flash on there, but it is a little bit far and only the figure of the person is appearing, and he decided to check who is standing there. At the time he appears there under the lamp post, no one is there, and only a piece of paper. He took the paper and found the sentence " Don't get lost from the path into the graves". He thought of going towards the path, but he just left the paper and continue towards the main entrance in the thought of reaching them quickly if he follows the same trail.

Reethu is running in a random direction to find the path and ends with the compound wall of the cemetery, she tries to jump out of the wall, but she fails and remembered the Karthik words about the quarters of the old watchman at the North gate and decided to go in that direction along the wall. Harsha reached the main entrance and going on the trail of Reethu and Karthik, after walking for a while he saw someone was standing in the middle of the graves around 50 feet away. Harsha didn't hesitate to go near and drop the flashlight and he was shocked to found that the person is Karthik, he is just standing in nowhere and staring at the graves. Harsha put his hand on the shoulder and Karthik collapsed on the ground, he tries to make him conscious and after 5 mins he gets back to his sense. Harsha asked, " What happened? why didn't you with Reethu? where is Reethu?". Karthik with a terrified face he explains to Harsha what happened when they were heading towards the North and about the paper. He told Harsha that " Reethu just a few steps ahead of me and suddenly I felt someone dragged into the graves and when he focused the flash to see who is dragging and I am shocked the person is Avi and when I got myself balance and free from the grip, she suddenly disappeared into the graves. 

Harsha asked impatiently where you saw Avi and where does she go, Karthik told: " I don't know she just disappeared and first we need to find Reethu before she lost in the graves". Harsha agreed with him and going to the place where Karthik last saw Reethu. Along the wall, Reethu is moving towards the Quarters and found the gate, she gets relief for a moment standing on the path, and on the other side, she saw someone standing and staring towards her. She drops the flashlight on the other side and is shocked Avanthika was standing in the graves. Reethu shouted " Avanthika! Avanthika!", but she turned her back and started walking into the graves and Reethu forgot the thought of going out of the cemetery from the North gate where she was standing and followed her into the graves. Now Harsha and Karthik reached the spot where Karthik split from her, Karthik told Harsha "we'll move along this path to North gate maybe Reethu might be there waiting for us, I told her about the quarters". Harsha agreed with him as he is with the Reethu and maybe she is really at the North gate and both of them head towards the quarters.

Harsha and Karthik reached the North gate and but no one are to be found there, the fog is getting thicker and thicker and both decided to split. Harsha in the West direction and Karthik in the East direction. They are not aware of how Reethu again went into the graves following Avanthika before they come to the North gate. Both decided to meet at the junction of the paths at 4:00 am as it is now 3:00 am and they split up. Harsha is going in the direction of Reethu followed Avanthika. 

Reethu's flashlight starting to turn off and on while she was following Avanthika in the fog, all of sudden the flashlight turned off, and when she looks at it and trying to turn it on again, she lost Avanthika in the fog. She stood frozen there and trying to turn on the flashlight, suddenly a hand on her shoulder. When she turned back it was Harsha, Reethu signed in relief. Harsha asked her "what is she doing in the middle of graves? ".

She explained everything about how she got separated from the Karthik and reached the North gate and saw Avanthika and ended up here by following her. Harsha listened to everything and Reethu looks terrified, he talked about the Karthik and his rendezvous point at the paths junction. Harsha understood Reethu and decided to stop the search of Avanthika and both now heading towards the Paths junction. As time goes the fog becomes thicker and thicker, Karthik on the other side decided to don't go further deep into the cemetery and go to the rendezvous point.

At around 4 o clock they finally met three of them at the rendezvous point, Karthik told in a scared voice that " we'll move when the fog gets clear until then here only". Harsha asked why and he replies that he lost the path two times before he reached the junction, Reethu asked then how you manage to get here. Karthik replied, " As I know the cemetery, I marked the trail and somehow manage to get here". Three of them come out of the cemetery and standing in front of the main gate thinking about how to find Avanthika. They decided to tell everything to the boss and get help from them. They wait till the morning and get to the channel to explain to the boss what happened and ask what to do next. Boss seems to be annoyed by some TRP-related call and impatiently listened to our words about the cemetery and in ignominy, he said " you want me to give a police complaint?'. Harsha got angry and said we don't need any of your help and find Avanthika by ourselves and left the office. Karthik and Reethu also went behind him to stop by doing something stupid in anger. Now three of them are at Karthik's house and thinking about what to do and how we are supposed to find Avanthika by ourselves. Harsha said in an irritated voice that I told to boss that I will not take his help that's it. Karthik said " why don't we ask help others in the channel to come to the cemetery and help to find Avanthika. Both agreed with the idea and decided to take help others. Reethu went to her home as she is not feeling well, and both understand her and dropped Reethu at her home and went to the channel.

It's around 11 o clock in the morning, they entered the channel, and Karthik whispers in Harsha's ear not to tell everything to anyone and just to talk about the telecast of our documentary and we lost Avanthika, so we need your help. Harsha told as it is to close colleagues in the channel and explains the cemetery is too big and 7 of them agreed to come with them to the cemetery and help to find Avanthika. It's just past midday and they all arrived at the cemetery and Karthik talks about the cemetery and told to split everyone into a group of two members and one member will stay here at the entrance. Now the groups are formed Abhi and Swathi, Hema and Ajit, Harsha with Bhargav, and Karthik with Abdul and instructed to record with their mobile phone while searching for the telecast. when they see one member is to be there to stay at the entrance is missing and for that Hema replied " Nikhil will join us as he has some work on the way to the cemetery, I will message him to stay at the entrance ". Everyone agrees to that, and they entered the cemetery. 

Nikhil comes after five mins on the bike and noticed only two cars are there at the main entrance and no one is there. He tries to call everyone, but no one's call is connected. He looks around and he wonders no one is there and his eyes caught attention to the old hut near the cemetery and he took his hand camera from the backpack and was about to start recording. Then he remembered Reethu's words as he had just before he reached the cemetery that " As Avanthika is in the cemetery her Car will be at the main entrance ", but what he sees only Hema, and Harsha cars are there, and Avantika’s car is nowhere to be found and Nikhil assumes Harsha or Karthik might have taken to the city. Now he is heading towards the old hut.

As everyone entered the cemetery except Nikhil and he reached after some time and noticed Avanthika car is not there and now heading towards the old man's hut with his camera. 

Nikhil reached the old man's hut but there is nobody and he filmed the hut and went back to the main gate and about to enter but he thought why I need to go in as like everybody instead I will shoot the entire cemetery compound and mine video will be showed in the telecast. Nikhil is now shooting the cemetery from the outside heading towards the North gate and after some time he reached the quarters of the watchman. He filmed that moved forward and walking and walking along with the compound after around one hour later he reached the southwest gate and found one old man is standing the front and seeing into the cemetery. He approached him and asked who you are and where you live. Old man in a creepy voice replied " The old hut you visited in front of the main gate that's where I live. Nikhil was shocked at how he knows about that and asked what are doing here and why you are looking into the cemetery from here. The old man said, " I'm not looking I'm listening to the screams of your friends." After listening to that Nikhil was scared and took two steps back from the old man and asked why my friends will screaming in the cemetery and they were only going to search for one girl in the cemetery. The old man interrupting him says in a loud voice said that "the girl is not in the cemetery". When Nikhil is about to ask another question, he realized her car is also not there in front of the main gate. Nikhil just left the old man and rush towards the main gate, meanwhile tries to call Harsha and Karthik but the call is not able to connect. He meanwhile remembers that Reethu didn't enter the cemetery and then he tries to call Reethu and fortunately call connected and he explains about what the old man says that Avanthika left the cemetery. Nikhil instructs Reethu to call her parents whether she came home or not and I'm on my way from the cemetery to get you. While Nikhil is on the way, he got a call from his friend who's a doctor in the city and is shocked to hear that " His friend from the channel is admitted to the hospital for the accident". Nikhil asked when he replied around 2 hours ago, and Nikhil hung the call and picked up the Reethu and left for the hospital in a hurry. 

They reached the hospital and informed her parents and both Nikhil and Reethu talked about Avanthika accidents and injuries, the doctor asked them to wait until her parents arrive. Around 10 mins they arrived, and the doctor explained the situation about the injuries on her head and surgery needs to perform and the risk of the surgery. Everyone is in silence and Avantika’s father told the doctor to do the surgery and signs the paper. It's around 5 pm they took Avanthika into the operation theatre.

Nikhil remembers everyone at the cemetery and tries to call Harsha and this time call connected and he shouted at Nikhil and asked why he is not outside of the main gate. Nikhil asks him to relax and ask where they are right now and told them about the accident and asks them to come directly to the city hospital. Everyone reached the hospital and Nikhil explains about the surgery and said it has risk with it. Harsha comes to Nikhil very near and asks what does the risk tell me, he replied " Avanthika will not remember anything she will lose her memory ". Harsha collapsed on the ground, and everyone took care of him. After 2 hours the doctor came out of the operation theatre and said the operation was successful. Everyone relived and along with her parents, Harsha was the happiest person.

Avantika’s parents with her moved to their native village, Harsha quits his job, moved to another city and Reethu and Karthik were too disturbed by this incident that they took a long holiday. Channel's boss telecasted this incident as a documentary which took the channel to the first place in the TRP, what happened to Avanthika on that night in the cemetery and what did she see, and why she behaved like that like these are so many questions raises that remain unsolved. The cemetery closed after some similar incidents were noted.

By Syed Akram

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The Haunted Wooden Box

By Syed Akram After spending a long day doing the project as she is in the final year of her B. Tech and returned to the hostel around 7 o clock after dusk and entered her room and observed nobody is


By Anal Kishore Singh "इस दृश्य की परिभाषा क्या है? परिभाषा ना सही तो उसका अनुभव ही बता दो। शायद अनुभव से ही मैं समझ जाऊं यहां क्या हो रहा है, कौन सी जगह है मेरे यहां होने का अर्थ क्या है"। इन प्रश्नो


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