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The Rope

By Saumya Sinha

The floor was shaking and so was my head

I saw you walking on a rope thinner than a thread

You were acting strong and like it didn’t even matter

Like all your dreams didn’t just shatter

Like this was the road all along

Like this is exactly where you belonged

But you know that I can see the truth

It’s no doubt that a rope of needles has no ruth

You look soo tough and flourishing behind your mask

No one sees the fragile, failed bud dying with every footfall

I am standing right below and I am here to save you

But whenever you try to escape the rope starts to chew

Your tears fall but it’s invisible to everyone

Everything you ever said has been forgotten

You give me a faint smile as you whisper under your breath

How can it all be alright when you are on your march to death.

By Saumya Sinha

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