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The Only One

By Devashi Assija

Have been my sun in daylight,

You were even present for me by being my moon at night.

Might have fought dozens of times,

Still you are the one my heart always finds.

One look at you and my problems go away,

Your happiness, to God, is all that I pray.

Want nothing more

Just you to always stay.

Multiple messages on insta discord and what not,

Yet, the one message I always wait for is yours.

The deep talks are all meaningful with you,

All for me to be super proud that i have a best friend like you.

No matter the number of mistakes we made,

After all, at the end a true lesson is what we gained.

I also made numerous mistakes

But I had you to always help me get it all straight.

Thought you were just another common friend,

Didn’t know you would be so special back then.

Looking back i now understand

What they meant by true friends.

By Devashi Assija

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